I was at this job interview this morning,
and then one of the question in the personality test was:
If you were a rose in a middle of a desert, you would:
a. change the desert into a garden, then you could grow well
b. change yourself into a cactus to be able to survive
c. die out of despair
d. still be survive as a rose, as you were a special rose

I choose D, under the following notion:
1. It is not possible to change everything into what we want it to be..I've heard a saying before that sounded somewhat like "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't, then change the way you think of it"
The world is beautiful for its diversity..

2. It is not a good idea to 'transform' myself into what ever that will fit into the environment. It was like a chameleon..
If I keep on changing like that, then I would end up having a confusion of who I really am.
Kan ga lucu juga kalo kita punya banyak identitas yang bisa berganti2 sesuai tempat kita berada..Multiple personality donk hahaha

3. Die out of despair?? Mana semangat hidup muuu....

4. It's the best idea for me..I still can be me with a special adjustment.

Gue pribadi mempunyai lingkungan pergaulan yang cukup beragam..
Beda nya itu mungkin lebih ke hobi, cara becanda, isi pembicaraan, kepribadian dari temen2 maen di satu lingkungan...Lebih ke hal2 gitu dech...
Dan apa itu berarti gue mesti ber'muka' banyak?
Kalo ke temen2 gue yang pembicaraan lebih serius, trus gue jadi si 'kutu buku'?
Trus kalo gue ke temen2 olahraga, gue jadi si 'super-aktif'?
Haha no no..terlalu melelahkan buat gue..
I'll just be me, thanx:)

Me yang kadang lemot, mellow, unstable, inconsistent hehe
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