..my life as a 22 year-old..

I graduated from university..

I got my first full time job..

I'm in love with someone..

I'm thankful for who I am now..for everything I have and don't have..I feel blessed..

I started to leave my past and consentrating on my present and future..

Haix...minutes away from changing my age to 23 *lol*
It's not about adding another digit in my age that matters..
It's how I am able to look back and learn from my mistakes and the things I did right..
It's about celebrating the love from my surroundings..It's realizing that 23 years ago, my Mom was struggling to bring me to this world.. *luv you Mom:)*

Ahh well..
I have no idea what I'm gonna write next hahaha
good night everyone:)
4 Responses
  1. dee Says:

    Make a wish Chaa...

    Hopes all your dreams and wishes will be come true and wishing you all the best. It's really good to know you and be your friend.

    God bless you always :)

  2. Devi Says:

    Wah.. happy belated bday Cha!

    Tambah cantik, tambah dewasa, tambah mapan, cepet married :p hahaha


  3. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    adi: ma kasih diii:) it's a real pleasure knowing you too..hehhee we're having lots of fun, aren't we;p

    devi: huaa tenkiuu tenkiuu..ga blated koq btw hahaha tgl 9;p dan *aminnn* buat semua doa2nya hihihi

  4. Suganda Says:

    Cha happy bday... sori telat.................................... hixxxxx padahal udah inget gitu sama elu.. hahahah... panjang umur yachhh