I first heard this program through Oprah Show..
It's a rather interesting idea that they are trying to socialize.
"How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted"

I received a package yesterday afternoon from them.

It contains 3 bracelets, one how-to-use instruction, one brochure for "A Complaint Free World" book and an envelope to make a donation.

The content of the instruction is as following:

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it,
change your attitude. Don't complain." - Maya Angelou

Dear Friend,

Our words are powerful indicators of our thoughts, and our thoughts create our lives. When we complain, we draw to us negative things because we put out negative energy. Therefore, one of the most important things we can do is to learn not to complain.

Scientists believe it takes 21 days to form a new habit and complaining is habitual for most of us. The bracelet(s) you received today are a powerful tool to remind you of how well you are creating your life with positive intention. Here are the suggested rules:
1. Begin to wear the bracelet now, on either wrist
2. Every time you complain, gossip or criticize move the bracelet to the other arm and begin again. Keep moving the bracelet from wrist-to-wrist until you keep it on the same arm 21 consecutive days.
3. If you see someone else who is wearing a purple bracelet complain, you may point out their need to switch the bracelet to the other arm; BUT if you're going to do this, you must move your bracelet first because you're complaining about their complaining!
4. Stay with it. It may take many months but when you reach 21 days you will find that your entire life is happier, more loving, more positive and more abundant.

For inspiration and updates, visit our web site often: www.AComplaintFreeWorld.org.

Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." You can do it. Hang in there.

Have a Happy, Complaint Free Day!
Will Bowen

I've started to wear the bracelet yesterday.
Within the first hour, I moved the bracelet 2 times.
During the second hour, 1 time..and 1 other time when I was having dinner with my friend.
(I was complaining about how my friend complains all the time;p)

Well..since the definition of 'complaint' itself is not that clear.
I decided to set my own ground rules:
1. A complaint is a statement that contains a negative or rather no purpose other than expressing my opinion or to talk about how others are bothering me. This include gossiping and yelling to others.
2. Providing a bad review regarding things is NOT considered as a complaint, as long as it will provide a help to others.
For example: when someone is interested in buying the similar mobile phone that I'm using, I can give the most honest review AND it is NOT considered as a complaint. Since it is meant to give that person a better understanding of what he/she might find later on.

Will I pass 21 days without complaining?
I will write the updates for that;p
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