some people spend their lives hoping for something to happen that will change everything..
they look for power or love,
or the answers to their biggest questions..
i think really what they're looking for is another chance,
some way to lead another life where all the mistakes they've made will be erased and they could just start over
~Taken episode 5~

I asked myself:
"Aren't we all?"
*Taking a deep breathe.....*It's all been done:)

Seminggu ini penuh dengan scene:duduk depan laptop, ngomong2 sendiri ga jelas..coding java..Haha ga mau lagiiiii...Yaa meskipun sekarang ini gue dah mulai ngerti kalo disuruh bikin2 coding gitu,tapi still gitu..seminggu full of coding haha sekarang kalo ngeliat coding java itu rasanya dah blank;p

Eniwei, mau say hi buat pengunjung baru di blog gue..C.Q. yang udah ngasih coment2 secara langsung ttg isi blog ini heheBerhubung ini udah LIBUR..Jadi seharusnya banyak yang akan gue ceritakan di sini.Ok dech..skr mau kumpul CV dulu bentar.Abis itu pulank 'n nyari orang yang mau temenin nonton Mr. and Mrs. Smith heheAda yang berminat???;pSee ya tonite all..
I finally be able to step back from the exhausting schedule for the last few months..
Abandoning this blog..well it's not planned, but it's somewhat still under my consious..
A lot of things have happened..
Don't even know where to begin hehe
Okay, let's see..

Final exam is finally over *well technically i still have a CB4 take home final exam that's due tomorrow*
Exam time but we're not worying about the exam, are we?
Hehe instead, we had 2 more projects left to do..

Last Friday, I finally came to the limit of pushing myself.
After two days with only sleeping for a total of 7 hours, my body finally broke down;p
I had this heavy headache
Not to mention how I nearly threw up everytime I smell foods.
Eventually, it took a 7-hour-sleep and another 6-hour-chat to fully recover hehe

On Saturday, I bribed my bro to go with me to Mangga Dua hehe;p
Well I guess he's just in the mood to go anyway,
because it only took me 5 minutes to convince him to go with me haha
I tried so hard to keep my self busy that day..
I couldn't stand thinking how I'm going to miss someone so much.
and there that person went..on 9pm that day, I began to feel tortured inside *urghh*
I guess I was just afraid that the person who I miss so much, doesn't feel the same as I do..
*What an ego huh* haha

And then came Today..
I ate a lot..I sleep a lot..
I laugh a lot..I'm on the phone for a long time also..
Lots of fun, but at the end of the day, i still feel horrible haha
I guess the first 24-hour is the hardest part huh..
I still can't imagine what it feels like to love someone
and survive the long distance relationship..
I mean..look at me..
Technically, that person is a "Noone" for me and vice versa..
We're close..sometimes too close I guess, but then that's it.
Yet, I miss that person haha

-24 hours survival kit for those who misses someone-
1. tons of foods
2. lots of credits on your mobile phone
3. cool siblings who will accompany you to do silly things
4. friends who keep you busy all the time
5. bunch of dvds
6. a CB4 take home exam study case *lol*
7. multimedia system project
8. a holiday to plan with your pals
9. a phone nearby that keeps on ringing

well at least that's what i need to survive this first 24 hours..
Things are moving so fast, and suddenly here i am..
sitting in front of my computer and be proud of myself
for not sending any sms today haha
*well apart from not having any credit left, i just lose the impulse to even look at my mobile phone*

I'd better stop now..
Let's just see what distance brought huh..
Because some people say that distance sometimes bring clear vision..
Have a nice HOLIDAY people..:)
See you in a short time hehe