I had a hair cut two days ago..
Not much changes, except that I no longer have a long back hair..
Hehe its length is now equal to my front hair..
And the curl is becoming really loose..

How's my new hair?;p
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Our encounter with people could happen practically anywhere and sometimes in an unexpected way..

Here are some of my unique stories of how I know some of my friends *and boyfriend;p*
(This is sorted according to the year it happened)

Location : GOR (Sport Hall) in Grogol
Event: SMUK 2 Cup Volleyball
We were all queuing at the exit door after the match.
I felt someone was tapping my shoulder..
I turned around and there's this guy around my height, looked really young..
him: "Hey..You're from TarQ2 right? Do you happen to know ***** (a girl's name)"
me: "ooh yuppe i know her..she's not coming today though..and you are??"
him: "I'm ****. I'm a friend of her friend"
me: "ooo ok..do you want me to pass her your message or something?"
him: "oohh no...it's ok..thanx"
me: "ok then.."

Later that night, I chatted in an IRC chatroom..
The girl (whom that guy was looking for) was also there.
So I message her in the chatroom..
me: "*****, someone was looking for you this evening..He approached me after the match"

Suddenly someone PM me..
unknown: "Hii..you're talking about me"
me: "errr???"
unknown: "I'm the one who tapped you on your shoulder this evening"
me: "ooohh????"

We become friends ever since..He's my partner in badminton..He's the person who can chat with you for hours and never seem to run out of topics;p He's the everybody-is-connected-to-him type of person (almost everyone i know somehow know him too)..Kalo bahasa Indo nya: "Manusia Sejuta Umat" hehehe Anyway, It's been about 7 years..And really pleased to have known him..

Location: *again* IRC Chatroom
I was looking for Dashboard Confessional's songs..
Then there's someone who PM me..
And as I remembered, he started to promote me some DC's songs that he likes..
I learnt that he's also from Indonesia..
So we started chatting for hours..and the next day..and the next day..

It happened about 4 years ago. I still keep in touch with him (although we don't chat everyday anymore;p). We've never met, but it feels like I've known him forever haha Hopefully I could meet him this July/August..

Location: at the cafetaria at my campus
Event: a job interview
There's this job interview at my campus held by an IT house in Jakarta. My teaching assistant at lab knew that I haven't had a job yet (His friend worked at that company). Thus, he suggested me to try that one. I remembered clearly that it was Wednesday, coz I had French class that day hehe The interview was supposed to be held at 10am, but somehow it started at 11am. There were me and some other friends. I almost left the interview coz by 12 o'clock I hadn't had my turn yet (meanwhile my class was at 1pm). Btw, I wasn't that excited about finding a job at the time, coz I was enjoying myself as a part-time math tutor. Anyway, I decided to stay..and I had my turn at around 12.30..There's 2 men at the table..One is the Project Manager and the other is *hhmm I forget his position..only remember his name;p* The interviewer asked me to send him a simple program, which I did..

Fast forward to the next 2 weeks. While I was installing a program at a client's office in Cibubur(I was a freelancer with my brother), I got a call from that IT house asking me to attend the 2nd interview. It was scheduled for the next day, since I told him I didn't think I could make it for that day.

The next day, I came to that office..I had an interview with the boss directly. I met one of my interviewer (the one that I failed to remember his position;p). The interview went well..

The day after that, I was at my Chinese class. I got a call from someone, who later I recalled as the Project Manager from that IT House. I told him that I was in the middle of a class and asked whether he could call back afterward. And he did..

Now: I did not take the job offer from that company..and..he is now my boyfriend;p

Location: a mailing list *sigh..I started to sound like a person who spend an entire day in front of the computer..hhhm;p*
A day before my first day at work, I wrote a post in a mailing list asking suggestion of where should I stay (in Spore) if I was working in Eunos area..
One person replied me..and later on I chatted with him.
Turnt out that he's working in the same company as me..Same floor..Same department but different project.
Later on I also found out that he knows my boyfriend..What a small world

Now: We're still in the same company..Me, him and some other people also from Indonesia have become one-big-happy-family;p
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Wake up at 7.15am
Go to work at 8am
Arrive at the office at 9am
Sitting in front of the computer until 6pm
*except when I'm having my lunch hehe*
Reach my place at around 7pm
Cook, take a shower, etc..until around 9pm
From 9pm till I feel asleep..in front of my laptop..
Chatting..watching movies..

I definitely should stay away from the computer before I get an RSI
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I was browsing around the net last night and I found this story about a guy who put up his number in a video..and published it on youtube

For those who's interested in watching the video..here's the link..
Ryan Fitzgerald

The other news came from "LG National Texting Championship" (lomba sms);p
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I came to the office at 8.50am this morning.
In fact, I was the second person to arrive at the lab.
Opened my email, printed some documents for meeting at 9.45am then I went through the documents while waiting for the meeting.

At 9.30am, my teammate told me that my Project Manager was looking for me.
I called her and...
her: "Lisa, why are you at the office? The meeting is at ***, right?"

*going into speechless mode*

I honestly thought that the meeting is held at the office..
Anyway, I ran as fast as I could and thank God I managed to get a cab within 1 minutes..
I was late for 5 minutes, but the meeting itself went pretty well..

*deep breathe*

ichaa ichaa..
One night, about 9 to 10 years ago, I was watching TV at the living room..

*ringg ringg*

PS: People used to call me Lisa..

Me: "hello..good evening?"
unknown: "hello..is lisa around?"
Me: "yapp..speaking..who's this?"
unknown: "it's ****" (a familiar name)
Me: "oooo..what's up?"
unknown: "what are you doing?"
Me: "just watching a movie"

*the conversation went on for about 10 minutes before...*

unknown: "anyway, *** told me that you're looking for me?" (mentioning an unfamiliar name)
Me: ?????? "errr who????"
unknown: "***"
Me: "who's that? i don't know anyone with that name"
unknown: "ehh..this is Lisa right?"
Me: "yes??"
unknown: "Lisa from *****" (a school name)
Me: ???? "noo...i'm from *****" (my school name)
unknown: "ehhh??? wrong number then.."
Me: "i guess so..."
unknown: "sorry for that.."
Me: "no problem"

*it was a really weird coincidence*
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What I love the most about this country:
I have a lot variety of activities to choose, other than going to the mall..

Here are some of the place that I love to go to:
1. National Library
I'm referring to one specific library since this is the only library I've gone so far;p
National Library is the first public library I've ever visited (not only in Spore..but it's the first ever!!). I can just sit all day long there..reading all kind of books..enjoying the free wireless internet there.. It's amusing in its own way..Except for the fact that it's freezing over there hahahaha

2. East Coast Park
It's the same beach at which I spent my new year's eve. Lots of things can be done here..You can jog..bike..roller-blade. There are BBQ Pits that you can rent. You could play at the beach..build tents and stay over night..Lots of food place. I love the Stingray at the food court. It's not that expensive and so tasty..

3. Sentosa
Just choose how you want to go there. Again, lots of activities can be done here. Beach volleyball, frisbee, cycling, Luge and Skyride..What more could you ask hihihi..just don't forget your sunblock..

4. Esplanade Theatre.
Lots of performance to catch in Singapore..Ballet, theatre..you named it..I usually go here just to enjoy the cozziness of the library..and enjoying the view from the roof terrace.

And other places to go..
Botanical Garden, Singapore Zoo, Orchird Garden..
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I feel love all around me..
I had a blast today..
Thank you so much for everyone..
You have no idea how happy I am:D

Thank you for all the sms-es *is there such a word?;p* and the phone calls..
Thank you for the cakes..and the surprises..
Thank you for all the emails and messages in my blog and my fs..
Thank you for the pray..
Thank you for the efforts..
Thank you for the wills..
and first and foremost, thank you for the friendship..

I feel like I'm having my second home in here..
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..my life as a 22 year-old..

I graduated from university..

I got my first full time job..

I'm in love with someone..

I'm thankful for who I am now..for everything I have and don't have..I feel blessed..

I started to leave my past and consentrating on my present and future..

Haix...minutes away from changing my age to 23 *lol*
It's not about adding another digit in my age that matters..
It's how I am able to look back and learn from my mistakes and the things I did right..
It's about celebrating the love from my surroundings..It's realizing that 23 years ago, my Mom was struggling to bring me to this world.. *luv you Mom:)*

Ahh well..
I have no idea what I'm gonna write next hahaha
good night everyone:)
Known fact: I love movies!!

New fact: I think my dream job now is to become a movie trailer maker;p

Anyway, I watched Music and Lyrics last Saturday
and Mr. Beans Holiday last Sunday.

I must say that they were pretty entertaining..

Music and Lyrics..
Hugh Grant is h.o.t as usual
Drew Barrymore is so sweet
a great collection of music throughout the film..
"Way Back Into Love" by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennet
"Love Autopsy" by Hugh Grant
"Don't Write Me Off" by Hugh Grant

What I love the most about this movie are *apart from the music;p*:
1. There's nothing about a man cheating from his woman
2. The man nor the woman was not exposing the romantic side too much..Thus, no cheezy scenes;p

Mr.Bean The Holiday..
I didn't plan to watch this movie at first..
but after my friends at the office started to spoil bit by bit the scenes in the movie..
I told myself.."why not"
Turnt out, I did have a really good laugh..
I laughed almost throughout the movie;p

bean: "un café s'il vous plait"
(coffee, please..)
woman: "du sucre?"
(with sugar?)
bean: "non"
woman: "you speak a really good French"
Bean: "gracias..'

If you wish to see something spectacular or a great story or something like that..
stay out of the cinema..
It's only for people who wants to have a good laugh..
For those who don't like Mr.Bean...it's gonna be a torture for you to see all the foolness that he did throughout the movie;p

Anyway, I heard that this is gonna be the last story written for Mr.Bean?
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