Our encounter with people could happen practically anywhere and sometimes in an unexpected way..

Here are some of my unique stories of how I know some of my friends *and boyfriend;p*
(This is sorted according to the year it happened)

Location : GOR (Sport Hall) in Grogol
Event: SMUK 2 Cup Volleyball
We were all queuing at the exit door after the match.
I felt someone was tapping my shoulder..
I turned around and there's this guy around my height, looked really young..
him: "Hey..You're from TarQ2 right? Do you happen to know ***** (a girl's name)"
me: "ooh yuppe i know her..she's not coming today though..and you are??"
him: "I'm ****. I'm a friend of her friend"
me: "ooo ok..do you want me to pass her your message or something?"
him: "oohh no...it's ok..thanx"
me: "ok then.."

Later that night, I chatted in an IRC chatroom..
The girl (whom that guy was looking for) was also there.
So I message her in the chatroom..
me: "*****, someone was looking for you this evening..He approached me after the match"

Suddenly someone PM me..
unknown: "Hii..you're talking about me"
me: "errr???"
unknown: "I'm the one who tapped you on your shoulder this evening"
me: "ooohh????"

We become friends ever since..He's my partner in badminton..He's the person who can chat with you for hours and never seem to run out of topics;p He's the everybody-is-connected-to-him type of person (almost everyone i know somehow know him too)..Kalo bahasa Indo nya: "Manusia Sejuta Umat" hehehe Anyway, It's been about 7 years..And really pleased to have known him..

Location: *again* IRC Chatroom
I was looking for Dashboard Confessional's songs..
Then there's someone who PM me..
And as I remembered, he started to promote me some DC's songs that he likes..
I learnt that he's also from Indonesia..
So we started chatting for hours..and the next day..and the next day..

It happened about 4 years ago. I still keep in touch with him (although we don't chat everyday anymore;p). We've never met, but it feels like I've known him forever haha Hopefully I could meet him this July/August..

Location: at the cafetaria at my campus
Event: a job interview
There's this job interview at my campus held by an IT house in Jakarta. My teaching assistant at lab knew that I haven't had a job yet (His friend worked at that company). Thus, he suggested me to try that one. I remembered clearly that it was Wednesday, coz I had French class that day hehe The interview was supposed to be held at 10am, but somehow it started at 11am. There were me and some other friends. I almost left the interview coz by 12 o'clock I hadn't had my turn yet (meanwhile my class was at 1pm). Btw, I wasn't that excited about finding a job at the time, coz I was enjoying myself as a part-time math tutor. Anyway, I decided to stay..and I had my turn at around 12.30..There's 2 men at the table..One is the Project Manager and the other is *hhmm I forget his position..only remember his name;p* The interviewer asked me to send him a simple program, which I did..

Fast forward to the next 2 weeks. While I was installing a program at a client's office in Cibubur(I was a freelancer with my brother), I got a call from that IT house asking me to attend the 2nd interview. It was scheduled for the next day, since I told him I didn't think I could make it for that day.

The next day, I came to that office..I had an interview with the boss directly. I met one of my interviewer (the one that I failed to remember his position;p). The interview went well..

The day after that, I was at my Chinese class. I got a call from someone, who later I recalled as the Project Manager from that IT House. I told him that I was in the middle of a class and asked whether he could call back afterward. And he did..

Now: I did not take the job offer from that company..and..he is now my boyfriend;p

Location: a mailing list *sigh..I started to sound like a person who spend an entire day in front of the computer..hhhm;p*
A day before my first day at work, I wrote a post in a mailing list asking suggestion of where should I stay (in Spore) if I was working in Eunos area..
One person replied me..and later on I chatted with him.
Turnt out that he's working in the same company as me..Same floor..Same department but different project.
Later on I also found out that he knows my boyfriend..What a small world

Now: We're still in the same company..Me, him and some other people also from Indonesia have become one-big-happy-family;p
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  1. dee Says:

    So I'm not included in those 4 stories Cha... Very disappointing.... khekhekhekhekhekhekhekhekhe.... >:)

  2. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    waduh waduh adiii...hihihihi
    the story is to be continued;p