Wake up at 7.15am
Go to work at 8am
Arrive at the office at 9am
Sitting in front of the computer until 6pm
*except when I'm having my lunch hehe*
Reach my place at around 7pm
Cook, take a shower, etc..until around 9pm
From 9pm till I feel asleep..in front of my laptop..
Chatting..watching movies..

I definitely should stay away from the computer before I get an RSI
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3 Responses
  1. nopi Says:

    cha, gawat..gue rasa2 gue uda mulai dapet gejala RSI. Ihiks.. =(

  2. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    hehehe piye toh iki nop..
    kita harus memulai pola hidup jauh dari kompie?
    pensiun dini? *lah*

  3. Anonymous Says:

    He? Katanya sindrom karpal tunel? Koq skrg RSI? Ckck, pagi2 uda bermasalah anda. Agak2 mengecewakan, mknya klo ngetik jgn terlalu cepet, direm donk =p