Known fact: I love movies!!

New fact: I think my dream job now is to become a movie trailer maker;p

Anyway, I watched Music and Lyrics last Saturday
and Mr. Beans Holiday last Sunday.

I must say that they were pretty entertaining..

Music and Lyrics..
Hugh Grant is h.o.t as usual
Drew Barrymore is so sweet
a great collection of music throughout the film..
"Way Back Into Love" by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennet
"Love Autopsy" by Hugh Grant
"Don't Write Me Off" by Hugh Grant

What I love the most about this movie are *apart from the music;p*:
1. There's nothing about a man cheating from his woman
2. The man nor the woman was not exposing the romantic side too much..Thus, no cheezy scenes;p

Mr.Bean The Holiday..
I didn't plan to watch this movie at first..
but after my friends at the office started to spoil bit by bit the scenes in the movie..
I told myself.."why not"
Turnt out, I did have a really good laugh..
I laughed almost throughout the movie;p

bean: "un café s'il vous plait"
(coffee, please..)
woman: "du sucre?"
(with sugar?)
bean: "non"
woman: "you speak a really good French"
Bean: "gracias..'

If you wish to see something spectacular or a great story or something like that..
stay out of the cinema..
It's only for people who wants to have a good laugh..
For those who don't like's gonna be a torture for you to see all the foolness that he did throughout the movie;p

Anyway, I heard that this is gonna be the last story written for Mr.Bean?
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