Di satu sisi, rutinitas itu baik adanya..
Bikin hidup kita lebih terstruktur meskipun in a way sedikit monoton..

Tapi di sisi lain, ketika suatu hal udah jadi rutinitas
bisa jadi kita malah keilangan essense-nya..

Coba kita tanya ke diri kita masing2..

Kita bernafas, apakah itu sudah jadi satu rutinitas? Seberapa sering kita bersyukur karena masih bisa bernafas?

Waktu bangun tidur..
Seberapa sering kita bangun di pagi hari dan bersyukur
karena masih bisa ngeliat matahari terbit..

Ketika kita merayakan ulang tahun,
itu karena rutinitas?
atau karena kita merasakan makna dari ulang tahun itu sendiri *yang gue yakin pasti makna nya beda2 buat tiap orang*
*screaming mode on*

possible case:
i'm being deported?

i'm not sure where i put my embarcation card
*i remembered putting it inside the cover of my passport,
but i can only be sure tomorrow morning since the person who held my passport has left the office*

other option?

The embarkation card is indeed inside the cover of my passport..
The person who's responsible for me from my office just called and told me that everything is in there..

--Happy Mode on--

A great relief it is..
Somehow I find this song in my playlist..
This really suits my current emotion..

Kenny Loggins - Your Heart Will Lead Home
sunny days and starry nights
lazy afternoons
you count the castles in the clouds
and hum little tunes

but somehow right before your eyes
the sun fades away
everything is different
and everything has change

if you feel lost and on your own
and far from home
you never alone, you know

just think of your friends
the ones who care
they all will be waiting there
with love to share
and your heart will lead you home

funny how a photograph can take you back in time
to places and embraces
that you thought you left behind

they're trying to remind you
that you're not the only one
that no one is an island
when all has said and done

there'll come a day when you're losing your way
and you won't know where you belong
they say that home is where your heart is
so follow your heart know that you can't go wrong
One perplexing issue for me is
how come it's so hard to locate a trash can in Singapore, and yet the country is so clean?

The other day I was about to enter City Hall MRT station *after wondering around and do some shopping;p*
I was holding a can of soda, and since it's stated clearly that there's no food and drink in MRT station nor the train..
There I was searching for a trash can..
andd there was NONE?!
Amazing huh..no trash can in the station..
*in the station-> referring to the area before people tap their ez-link cards*

Later on I decided to ask the officer..
He told me that the trash can is located upstairs in the exit door..
*and according to him, that's the nearest one*

And just now, I was just thinking..
As far as I remember, I barely see trash can everywhere I go..
How to explain that?
Is it the people? Is it the government paying enough people to help clean up public places?
Good day everyone:)
Let's start today with a big S.M.I.L.E:D

Yesterday I went to a sushi buffet with a friend of mine.
We took the Student buffet *since we're technically still registered in our university and still hold a student card;p*
Anyway, the buffet cost S$13.90 and the tea was S$1.00..
We paid S$34.40 for the two of us..(including the tax)..

We basically were allowed to ordered anything in the menu with the label of S$1.90 on it..
We were there from 3.30 - 6.00..
I was bloated due to the 11 plate of sushi, 1 plate of fried salmon, 1 plate of fried tofu, 1 chawan mushi, fruit and dessert that I ate;p
My other friend? Total of 20 something..
It was quite something..Hehehe

These past few days I practically have nothing to do..
I am waiting for next Monday to be able to review the offer letter,
and once I sign that..I'm gonna have to start working the following Wednesday.
Which means I'm gonna have to postpone me coming back to Jakarta until late November for my graduation.

Well then, I'm gonna have to go for now..
Have a nice day everyone:D
There's a really interesting post written by one of my old pal..
The title of the post is Being Realistic is Much Harder than being Idealistic..
You can read the entry here
Since I couldn't sleep at all last night,
I browsed through my contact list in msn..
I stumbled upon one name..
A friend of mine,whom I have known for more than 2 years and until now I have never met him in person.

I decided to msg him with little expectation that he might still be there
*he's a last year med student..and he's having his shift at morning usually*
However, unexpectedly he replied my message.

The reason I msg-ed him at the first place was just to spill out the burden I had in my mind..
*I think I've done that several time to him;p*
Anyway, so he replied my message..

We ended up discussing some things, which eventually lead me to be able to see things through different perspective.
Have you watched 'The Break-Up'?
I personally think the movie is able to capture the situation occurs in real life man-woman relationship..
How Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

And so yeah...
during the conversation with that friend..
I came to an awareness that I can be quite emotionally influenced at time.
I worried too much..I am being controlled by my emotion and not the other way around as it's supposed to be.

I was asking him questions about general stuff in relationship..
About why a man do what he do..
At the core he resembles a person whom I care so much *who I'm also trying to understand more about him but he's nowhere to be called*
So, yeah talking to him has gained me a new insight of what's on a man's mind.
Some are totally different from what I have in mind toward the same thing.

It's pretty much a satire...
I remember myself telling my other friends that being in a relationship requires an adjustment..a willingness to sacrifise..an open heart to accept the fact that it's not easy to try to blend two individuals..
And now, it's my friend who reminded me about all that thing..

To Mr. A.R.K.D,
I couldn't thank you enough for having that conversation with me..
So once again, thank you:)
this kind of feeling is killing me..
Everybody have their own comfort zone..
A place where they feel they belong to..A family..Friends..Lover..Neighbours..
A place where they feel save..

I finally step out of my comfort zone, daring myself to go out and proof to myself that I am capable of stand on my own.
I'm not going to say that everything has gone smooth..
The transition was shocking..

It's been a week for me in Singapore.
It's been an opportunity for me to sit down and look at my life in different angle.
It becomes clear for me..
What I value the most in my life..How I have lived my life so far..
and most of all, I now have an awareness of what is really there inside of me..What type of person am I..and what define me..

The question is:
What's your comfort zone?
Are you willing and dare enough to step out of it?

I'm glad I took this opportunity..
Anyway, I'm having another interview this Monday..and Tuesday..
Also waiting for the decision around this week.
Wish me luck:)
I finally can be in a decent library?!
Since I practically have nothing to do when I'm not having any interview *plus I didn't have any internet connection last week*,
I decided to visit the National Library in City Hall.

Berbekal cerita temen gue kalo itu perpus amat sangat cozy *dan embel2 kalo gue pasti bakal betah di sana*,
berangkat lah gue dengan modal petunjuk arah dari temen gue "di seberang raffles hotel..deket intercontinental hotel juga"
Untungnya ga nyasar sich, meskipun sempet agak2 ga yakin gitu.
Pas ngelewatin raffles hotel, nah loh..koq ga ada tanda2 library..
Iseng coba tanya orang..oohhh masih di depan nya lagii...
Dan ternyata...emang enakkk banget tempatnyaa..
Sayang di sana dinginnn bangettttttttt..
Ngejumplang banget sama panas nya cuaca di depan perpus.

Eniwei, berhubung di dalem itu ga boleh pake hp..maupun camera..
Jadi rada susah nunjukin betapa gede nya n betapa cozy nya di dalem hihi
Tinggal cari tempat duduk *ato kalo lagi rame..ya terpaksa duduk lesehan aja di lorong2*..buka laptop..ambil buku sambil baca2..nyalain wireless..
Voila..hehe gue di sana dari matahari masih di atas, sampe matahari nya dah gantian tempat sama bulan;p

Terakhir ini foto library nya pas malem...

Marii marii..ada yang mau ke sana?
Ternyata telpon2 yang sifatnya marketing ga cuman terjadi di Indo, tapi di Spore juga.
Dulu pas di Indo,
sering banget ada telpon dari Ce******y F****ss, trus dari beberapa perusahaan lain yang sifatnya menawarkan produk2 mereka ato pun sejenis nya.

Tadi pagi pas lagi di bus santai2..
Ada telp dari nomor tak dikenal.
Pas diangkat, kirain mau panggil interview kerja gitu..
Ehhh dia ngomong cepet banget..yang gue tangkep kurang lebih:
"Hi there..good morning. Congratulations..Our client has just opened a new branch *something something*. You have just won a holiday package to Thailand *something something*. I can assure you this is not *something something*. Could you please come this afternoon to pick up the price?"
-->Dia ngomong ga pake titik koma.....
Gue terbengong2 dan bilang "ooo..sorry..I don't think I can go there. I'm really busy"
Dan dia tetap "That's ok..How about tomorrow?"
And I was like "errr..well thanx, but I think I'm gonna skip..Good day"

Makes me wonder..
I've only been here for 1 week.
Haha and the only place where I left my phone number is the job portal.
That means they get my numbers from there?
I've never read the agreement offered to me in the portals hahaha
*Have any of you read it?*

Ya well..still we need to appreciate their jobs.
At least they're not doing some illegal work hehe
Seminggu di Spore...

Celana jadi longgar n tentu nya jadi sehat;p
*Kalo dipikir2 bisa jadi efek transformasi alat transportasi hehe kalo di Jakarta naek mobil kemana2..Ini jalan kaki kemana2..Mau ke station bus ya jalan..Dari MRT juga jalann*

Latian mental
*Yaa namanya juga pertama kali keluar dari yang namanya comfort zone. Jauh dari keluarga..Jauh dari lingkungan yang biasa gue tinggal..Homesick iya banget..Apalagi pas 2 hari pertama. Untung ada distraction2.. -Thanx yach is, bro..you both ease my feeling:)-*

Kangen les France
Duhh les france terlantar..Blum sempetm asuk kelas, eh gue dah pegi..

Btw, kerjaan di printing tak jadi diambil..
Pas kemaren mutusin mo terima, hati jadi ga tenang..
Mo mulai sesuatu kalo dah 1/2 hati gitu, ga bener juga toh..
Yaa besok ada panggilan interview lagi.
Dari firium *jatis nya spore*..
Hhmmm ya didoakan saja dech hehe
Benernya ada satu perusahaan lagi yang lagi review aplikasi,
tapi karena ada satu dan lain hal nya *silly things* hihi jadi gue blum reply email dari dia dech..

Today is my dad's bday..and also Lina's bday..

Dadd..happy b'day yach:D Nanti aku balik, kita makan2 hehe cobain sushi yachh;p sushi groove..enakkk lohhhhh.. Dalam 3 minggu ini aku pasti dapet kerja yang bener..Jangan stress2 yach di Jakarta hehe

Linaa..met ultahhh:) It's been your 4th bday since we know each other..The 1st that I can't personally congratz you, but nevertheless I'm still wishing you all the best:) Have a happy bday linaaaaa...
Some told me to go ahead and take the job offer..
Some told me to wait around and find another one..

As for me..
I keep asking myself..
How confident am I that I'm gonna get another job offer..or at least job interview..
I'm having another job interview this evening..
Wish me luck all..