Since I couldn't sleep at all last night,
I browsed through my contact list in msn..
I stumbled upon one name..
A friend of mine,whom I have known for more than 2 years and until now I have never met him in person.

I decided to msg him with little expectation that he might still be there
*he's a last year med student..and he's having his shift at morning usually*
However, unexpectedly he replied my message.

The reason I msg-ed him at the first place was just to spill out the burden I had in my mind..
*I think I've done that several time to him;p*
Anyway, so he replied my message..

We ended up discussing some things, which eventually lead me to be able to see things through different perspective.
Have you watched 'The Break-Up'?
I personally think the movie is able to capture the situation occurs in real life man-woman relationship..
How Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

And so yeah...
during the conversation with that friend..
I came to an awareness that I can be quite emotionally influenced at time.
I worried too much..I am being controlled by my emotion and not the other way around as it's supposed to be.

I was asking him questions about general stuff in relationship..
About why a man do what he do..
At the core he resembles a person whom I care so much *who I'm also trying to understand more about him but he's nowhere to be called*
So, yeah talking to him has gained me a new insight of what's on a man's mind.
Some are totally different from what I have in mind toward the same thing.

It's pretty much a satire...
I remember myself telling my other friends that being in a relationship requires an adjustment..a willingness to open heart to accept the fact that it's not easy to try to blend two individuals..
And now, it's my friend who reminded me about all that thing..

To Mr. A.R.K.D,
I couldn't thank you enough for having that conversation with me..
So once again, thank you:)
9 Responses
  1. coky Says:

    semanGat dong !!!

  2. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    :D yapp cok..hehehe thanxxxxx..sedang berusaha keras di sini. Guess what?! Gue dah makan 1/2 coklat batangan oleh2 dari temen gue hahahaha

  3. dee Says:

    That's what friends are for, isn't it??

    Hmm... In my opinion, I think in every relationship with everyone, we should learn a lot of things in keep that relation. More importantly, we should open our heart and mind that every individual is unique, so there will be a lot of differences. I should learn more about women too :D hehe...

    Life is never ending learn.

  4. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    iya dee..
    I can never stop thanking Him for everything that has happened to me so far:)
    Each day brings a new meaning for me..

    Anyway..I couldn't agree more..
    Life is a never ending journey..
    Everyday we'll learn something new:)

  5. dee Says:

    I couldn't agree more with you too :P

  6. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    :) deeee how's your weekend?

  7. hengky Says:

    wah lis.. berat juga ya? eh, ini masih cerita yang di jepang khan? *tersesat setelah hilang sekian lama*

  8. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    hengky: berat di pikiran hengk;p tapi i'm doing ok:) hahaha iyaa loe ilang kemana aja toh..

  9. dee Says:

    My weekend was very very nice. Hanging out and playing around with a bunch of friends. And then wasting a lot of time in J'Co :P