One perplexing issue for me is
how come it's so hard to locate a trash can in Singapore, and yet the country is so clean?

The other day I was about to enter City Hall MRT station *after wondering around and do some shopping;p*
I was holding a can of soda, and since it's stated clearly that there's no food and drink in MRT station nor the train..
There I was searching for a trash can..
andd there was NONE?!
Amazing trash can in the station..
*in the station-> referring to the area before people tap their ez-link cards*

Later on I decided to ask the officer..
He told me that the trash can is located upstairs in the exit door..
*and according to him, that's the nearest one*

And just now, I was just thinking..
As far as I remember, I barely see trash can everywhere I go..
How to explain that?
Is it the people? Is it the government paying enough people to help clean up public places?
5 Responses
  1. dee Says:

    In my opinion it is because of the people. Anyway, enjoy your work :)

  2. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    hehe a co-worker, who happened to read my blog, told me that the non-existence of trash bin in the mrt station area is due to 9/11.
    Bomb in the trash bin..sounds familiar?
    Well let's just pray that those kinds of things won't happen again in the future..

  3. irine Says:

    They're doing the same thing here in Syd too. No garbage bins in public transportation venues. Unfortunately, here, people are not disciplined enough about their trash. So many times I've seen people leave their trash behind as they go into the trains. I usually hold my trash till I can find a garbage bin.

  4. poppy Says:

    so that they can fine people who take green-tea ice creams down to the mrt without realizing that it is prohibited just like what my friend did?

    haha :D uuu, engga ada inet access for the past few days in spore. :( im home oledi. :D

  5. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    irine: hehe iyaa di sini..tas gue multifunction..bisa menampung sampah2 kecil yang gue pegang;p

    poppy: sampe kapan pop di sini..mari jalan2:) tapi malem gpp? gue bubaran kantor dah jam 6 soalnya..nyampe daerah city bisa jam 1/2 7 gitu