Answering to Dee's so-called-homework, here's my answer hehehe
*which btw I refuse to say them as weirdness..rather it's my uniqueness dee huahahahaha*

Anyway, the rules of the game is as following:
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write a post of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. The thing about banana is..I like it so much, but I don't like the texture of it in my front teeth. How do I eat it then?
Well I use spoon or fork to slice it and put it in my mouth*clever me...or silly me?*;p
What if there's no spoon nor fork?
Well..I preferably skip the fruit hehehe

2. I don't know if anyone pay attention to this or not..but I read newspaper and magazine in a reverse order..
Yapp..I always turn the newspaper to the last page..then browse through the content page by page until I reach the first page.

3. I participated in a Bahasa competition back in my primary school.
I represented my school for Jakarta Utara subdistrict.
There were 3 main activities during the competition: reading, writing a short story and dictation.
I ended up in 4th place..and the reason for that was: "She could not pronounce 'r' clearly"
Bwhauahahahaha yes yes....gue cadel^^"
*didn't know what's the English term for 'cadel'..It's a condition when a person could not pronounce 'r' clearly*

4. My left foot is bigger than my right foot..
This came to my awareness not so long ago..
My shoe size is 36-37..
One day, there's this shoes that I wanted to buy..
The only size that was left was 38..
To my surprise, it fit my left foot perfectly ok...The right one was a bit big, but well..I still bought it;p

5. Waktu kecil itu, gue bandel banget..
Dari mulai manjat pager rumah buat kabur dari acara tidur siang,
nangkepin belalang sama anak2 tetangga..
*masih bandel normal ah kayaknya hahahaha*
Yang paling membekas itu...dari acara manjat2 pager itu.
Suatu kali gue ajak dd gue buat kabur juga..
Ehhhhhh dia kepeleset pas di atas pager.
Luka dikit di perut *huixxxxxxxx*

6. Gue takut banget kalo ada cicak di langit2..
Soalnya dulu pernah kejatoan ekor cicak...
Yes my friends...ekor nya doankkkkk...
Masih menggeliat2 gituu jato di atas kepala gue..huaaaaaaaaaaa....

With this, I tag:
1. Elisa Rudyanto. She's my friend from uni..She's my flatmate at the moment..Have known her for quite some time now hehe..just want to see what she will write;p
2. Henny Oktavia Chandra. She's also my friend from uni. We've shared a lot of stories and memories..Dari mulai nginep rame2 di tempat sasa pas masa2 tugas kampus, sampe pas jalan2 di spore..huaaa nyeee....oktober kita bersuaa lagiiii:):)
3. Steven Gunawan. He's one of my oldest friend. I've known him since playground? *bener ga sich tin* haha anyway, miss him so much..
4. Evan Pratama. This is another friend from uni. Dah lama ga denger kabar dari Evan hehe *gara2 gue jarang ol yach skr;p*
5. Dennis Villanueva. This is one of my funniest friend I've ever had. Funny, innocent,'s China? Do you miss spore already? Miss us already?;p
6. Mba Vivien.. Mba Vivien ini salah satu partner pas internship dulu..Hehe ayo Mba Vivien..monggo di-share cerita nya:) Pa kabar toh anak nya sekarang:):)
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