1 year ago:
My 2006 New Year's Resolutions are:
1. NOT putting off jobs
2. DO cook
3. BE a more independent girl
4. TAKE a chinese/japanese/french lesson after finishing my thesis
5. MUST immediately decide what I want to do with the rest of my life
6. OPEN my heart
7. STOP being a go-with-the-flow kinda person
8. HAVE more stronger principles in my life
9. MORE honest to myself and to other people
10. FINISH what I've been delaying for 2 years

Let's review them one by one..
Not putting off jobs
This one is still not fully accomplish due to my moody behavior;p

DO cook
Hehe i cook now..*just finished cooking for new year's eve dinner*

TAKE a chinese/japanese/french lesson after finishing my thesis
This one..is an accomplishment:) I took chinese and french course couple of months ago. I even finish my 1st level of french course:) *Was going to continue it, but then I move to Singapore*

MUST immediately decide what I want to do with the rest of my life
Thank GOD..each and every step I've taken have provided me with new insight and providing me a lead to ackowledge what is it that I really want..

OPEN my heart
The reason why I put this one as a new year's resolution is simply becoz I realized that in the past, I choosed not to open my heart again to anyone. I built this wall around me and pushed away everyone who came near it..Now, well I opened my heart..and ever since the world's become a more colorful playground:)

STOP being a go-with-the-flow kinda person

yay..I'm still working with this one, but it's an improvement that I now know how to show my disagreement with people

HAVE more stronger principles in my life

MORE honest to myself and to other people
Still trying to, but I no longer hide my feeling from people..You'll know when I'm angry with you..You'll know when I'm sad..

FINISH what I've been delaying for 2 years
Just right before this xmas, it's finished:)
*Hari terakhir di 2006*

Penuh dengan hal2 tak terduga yang menyenangkan
Mungkin itu kalimat paling tepat yang bisa merangkum rangkaian peristiwa dalam hidup gue di 2006..
Merry Christmas to everyone..

It's not actually the first time I celebrate xmas away from Jakarta,
but it's definitely my first time celebrating xmas away from family..

Like I said to is..
this xmas is unique..it's beautiful in its own way..

I spent almost every night from 19-25 Dec in Orchard..
Mostly just to watch the caroling and the performance by my friend..
The most unforgetable memory was definitely when for the first time in my life, gue mengalami yang namanya macet pejalan kaki.
Itu terjadi pas malam Natal tgl 24 kemaren.
Dari depan Takashimaya menuju ke Wisma Atria, yang biasanya cuman makan waktu 5 menit at top..
Ini kita sampe lebih dari 15 menit lebih gara2 ga bisa jalan..
Lautan manusia yang bergerak di dua arah yang berbeda.
Akhirnya desak2an plus dorong2an ke sini sana *serasa lagi di konser*..

Di sepanjang Orchard, penuh sama lampu2 hiasan Natal..
Trus banyak pohon2 Natal juga masing2 dengan tema nya sendiri
*ada satu yang ornamen nya itu kristal Swarovsi
Di sepanjang trotoar pejalan kaki di depan Takashimaya..
dibangun booth2 n panggung2 kecil tempat Nativity scene and manggung nya group2 performing caroling..

Jadi orang2 berbondong2 datang untuk foto, nonton caroling..ato sekedar jalan2..
Yang nyebabin jalanan penuhhh banget?!!
--termasuk gue yang datang ke sana buat jalan2 hihihi--

Overall, it has been a pleasant time for me..
The only thing missing is I'm far away from the people whom I want to share this moment with..
*Tom, ini loh yang gue maksud dengan "Natal yang getir"*

Next destination:: New Year's Eve
Location:: Pasir Ris
*barusan bos masuk*

"Hi all..merry xmas..happy holiday..if you all don't have anything else to finish, you can go home after lunch"

*me..smiling happily..*

Meet some of my Indonesian co-workers from the office..

Mestinya foto ini dah di upload dari kapan2 hehe tapi lupa mulu.
Pas awal December kemaren, di kantor ada turnamen badminton kecil2an..
Didorong oleh rasa kebersamaan yang tinggi *apa coba* hehe plus perasaan kalo dah lama ga berolahraga dengan baik dan benar..
Diputuskan lah kita membentuk satu tim *which happened to consist of all Indonesian*

Berawal dari ke tidak pd an kita2 semua..
ditargetkan lah..paling ga..ga jadi juara terakhir hahahaha
tapi berkat kegigihan dan kerja sama yang baik,
kita dapet juara 2 loh:D
you once asked "Why do you love me?"

i don't know what love is..
or what people call what I feel,
for they say that love comes in an explicable way.
that no one will have similar explanation of what love is..
one will not be able to describe why or how one person fall in love with another..
i couldn't agree more to that..
of when or how the feeling has come to me..I cannot explain.
but here's how I feel for you..

the world becomes a safer place when you're holding me..
i feel at ease when I'm with you..looking at you smiling at me..
everything feels right when I'm with you..
it's as if I'm ready to face whatever yet to come..
when I look into your eyes, I feel special..I feel beautiful..
i am me when I'm talking to you..
it's now that I dare to say,
that it's you whom I want to spend the rest of my life with
it's you whom I want to be the person whom I come home to
it's you whom I'm willing to be with..

if that is not love, then I don't know what love is..
if that's not love, I don't want to fall in love..
let me just be in my current state of feeling forever.
for it's worth living for.

Just as the moon waits till the night come each and every day,
Similarly i'll be here
Waiting for you to come back

I love you..
A piece of post-card that wipe away all my worries..
Thank you..
It comes in a perfect time.
*Kalo quote dari kata2 salah satu temen gue : "Ini timing nya pas sekali"*
Just came back about an hour ago from the cinema watching Eragon.
It was a-plain-OK..
Didn't really capture the emotion during the movie
*Note that it was not because I'm not concentrating on the movie;p*
The story is simply predictable..
*but then again..I haven't read the book. And from past experience, the movie usually just diminished all 'insignificant' parts that were written in the book*

Despite those mentioned above, I found that the visual effect was more than OK..
I love how they visualize the dragon *is there such a word as 'visualize'?*..
Hhmm yaaa..i'm sure you got my point..
It's not my kind of movie..

Ahh well..for now, I cannot wait to watch Death Note 2 : Last Name
It's opening on December 28 *yayyy*

Also cannot wait for 2007, since a lot of expected-to-be box-office movies are coming out..
Spiderman 3 out on March 2007..
Pirates of the Carribean..
Harry Potter..Shrek the Third..Ocean Thirteen..National Treasure 2..and a lot more.
I'll upload the list of upcoming movie in 2007 tomorrow hehe
*since the internet connection suddenly becoming so slow*

I've uploaded the list of upcoming movie in 2007..
Feel free to download from here
I have less and less to say each day..
There's something that's been bothering my mind a lot lately..
I cannot tell yet just what it is..
I don't even remember that you exist until this morning.
It's been a week since I last checked my yahoo mail.
As I traverse through the junk mails in my inbox *urghh help me about this..*,
I noted an email without a subject but under a familiar name in the sender part.

If you're reading this from somewhere out there,
please note that I no longer save some space for you in my story of life.

I think you earn to know
that I've forgiven you..
that I've learnt a lot from what happened.
that I now appreciate more of everything I have..
that I'm grateful for everything that happened back then, for it has brought me to this point of life.
that all my wounds have healed
and that I am now in love with someone..

Don't ask me for friendship..that's something I cannot give.
Not because I don't want to, but because I can't.
For what it worth, you're someone I know..and I'm someone you know..
That's about all..