Just came back about an hour ago from the cinema watching Eragon.
It was a-plain-OK..
Didn't really capture the emotion during the movie
*Note that it was not because I'm not concentrating on the movie;p*
The story is simply predictable..
*but then again..I haven't read the book. And from past experience, the movie usually just diminished all 'insignificant' parts that were written in the book*

Despite those mentioned above, I found that the visual effect was more than OK..
I love how they visualize the dragon *is there such a word as 'visualize'?*..
Hhmm yaaa..i'm sure you got my point..
It's not my kind of movie..

Ahh well..for now, I cannot wait to watch Death Note 2 : Last Name
It's opening on December 28 *yayyy*

Also cannot wait for 2007, since a lot of expected-to-be box-office movies are coming out..
Spiderman 3 out on March 2007..
Pirates of the Carribean..
Harry Potter..Shrek the Third..Ocean Thirteen..National Treasure 2..and a lot more.
I'll upload the list of upcoming movie in 2007 tomorrow hehe
*since the internet connection suddenly becoming so slow*

I've uploaded the list of upcoming movie in 2007..
Feel free to download from here
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