What I love the most about this country:
I have a lot variety of activities to choose, other than going to the mall..

Here are some of the place that I love to go to:
1. National Library
I'm referring to one specific library since this is the only library I've gone so far;p
National Library is the first public library I've ever visited (not only in Spore..but it's the first ever!!). I can just sit all day long there..reading all kind of books..enjoying the free wireless internet there.. It's amusing in its own way..Except for the fact that it's freezing over there hahahaha

2. East Coast Park
It's the same beach at which I spent my new year's eve. Lots of things can be done here..You can jog..bike..roller-blade. There are BBQ Pits that you can rent. You could play at the beach..build tents and stay over night..Lots of food place. I love the Stingray at the food court. It's not that expensive and so tasty..

3. Sentosa
Just choose how you want to go there. Again, lots of activities can be done here. Beach volleyball, frisbee, cycling, Luge and Skyride..What more could you ask hihihi..just don't forget your sunblock..

4. Esplanade Theatre.
Lots of performance to catch in Singapore..Ballet, theatre..you named it..I usually go here just to enjoy the cozziness of the library..and enjoying the view from the roof terrace.

And other places to go..
Botanical Garden, Singapore Zoo, Orchird Garden..
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4 Responses
  1. dee Says:

    Yeah.. this is one perfect way to make me jealous and want it more to go to Singapore. Yeah.. you score 100 in this subject Chaa :P

  2. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    aduh duh..adii;p didn't mean to create that impression euyy..just had something going on my mind. so this post is basically a rambling hahaha one of the series from the upcoming posts regarding my current state of emotion *tralalala*

  3. kalo versi gwe:
    1. national library - alasannya sama
    2. jurong birdpark - buat bersantai2 kalo lagi stress
    3. raffles and city hall area - senang lihat gedung2 tua dan taman
    4. clark quay - untuk dating singaporean girls
    5. Raffles Quay - bukan tempat favorit, tapi ini tempat buat setor muka...:(

  4. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    wahh boy..blum pernah ke jurong birdpark;p

    waduh duh hehehe setor muka ;p