An Ode From A Lover
Life is so unpredictable..
Just when I thought I've had enough,
there comes another temptation to have more..
One day I say something,
the next day it can bounce back at me..
I did what I'd never wanted to do..
I said things I didn't really mean it..
And after then, I can only stay in a silence,
questioning myself, who on earth have I became?

One once told me that love hurts..
I took those words and keep them in mind,
so that I'm prepared for every possibility in a relationship.
After being through some serious yet hurting relatioship,
I came to an awareness that
it is not love that hurts me..
It is my ego and my endless desire to having more.
I became a person who didn't appreciate what I've had.
And here I am now,
in the search of how i really feel about everything.

Maybe things happened for they are to happen in my life..
Maybe I left you so that I know what it's like to have love someone..
There's no excuse for what I did, and I'm not going to give you any excuses..
For what it worths, I can only say I'm sorry..
I'm sure you have found the love of your life,
and I'm so grateful for that..

by .X.O.
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