I watched SAW 2 last night with some of my friends.
Ignoring all the sadistic scene almost throughout the movie,
the film made me think..

Can you imagine what it feels like to
have someone sit you down...
.. and tell you that you are dying?

The gravity of that?
That the clock is ticking for you.

In one second, the world is crack open.
You look at things differently,
you smell things differently.
You savor everything, either a glass of
water or a walk in the park.

Most people have the luxury not knowing when that clock will go off.
And the irony of that is..
that keeps them for really living their lives.

It keep them drinking that glass of water but not really tasting it.

Harus gue akui, kalo selama ini gue kurang menghargai apa yang udah gue

Semalem sebelum tidur sempet mikir..
"Kalo besok gue ga membuka mata gue lagi, apa yach yang kira2 bakal gue sesali

karena belum sempet gue lakukan?"
Banyak banget hal2 yang belum sempat gue lakukan,
hal2 yang belum sempat gue katakan,
orang2 yang belum gue temui..

Dan karena ga bisa tidur juga,
gue bangun trus mulai list down 'to do list before i die'
Hahaha okayy..mungkin kedengerannya nyeremin banget.
Tapi gue ngerasa jauh lebih lega setelah itu.
Gue jadi punya tujuan2 yang pengen gue capai..
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