Gue pernah denger orang bilank
If you want to feel lucky, just count all the things you have that money can't buy..
Inti dari perkataan itu sich, biar kita tetep stay positive no matter how difficult the situation is..

Kalo menurut gue, stay positive itu :
Kalo kita lagi patah hati 'n mikir "I'm lucky to have my family and friends to pull my hands out of this misery"
Kalo lagi ngalamin suatu kegagalan "Kegagalan itu suatu pelajaran berarti..Meskipun skr gue sakit, tapi banyak banget yang gue petik..Kalo orang ga pernah jato, dia ga pernah belajar untuk berdiri.."
Hal2 kayak gitu yang biasanya jadi awal yang bae buat keluar dari perasaan sedih, kecewa, sakit..

Buat semua di luar sana yang lagi ngalamin masa2 sulit..
Hang in there yach..Don't give up just yet..
Don't try to be strong and convince yourself that you're okay..that you can face it all by yourself..
When you are weak..admit that you are weak..
When you're not okay, try to acknowledge what broke you down..
Pretending that it's all okay is the same as band-aid-ing your wound without healing it first..One day it's gonna bleed again and it might be worse than before..
When matters are desperate we must put on a desperate face.
Robert Burn

We're not meant to be alone..
Even if we feel that no one or nothing came along to ease our pain,
we are not alone..
GOD does work mysteriously..
You'll just never know what or who you'll meet along the way to bring you out of that misery..
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