okay..for you who don't watch rockstar inxs probably won't understand what i'm talking about hehe
rockstar inxs..yuppe sort of a reality show in a search for the new lead singer for the band.
Quite interesting...Armand Maulana took the audition also *if i'm not mistaken*.
Eniwei..there's this contestant named Suzie McNeil.
She is a real fighter..Thumbs up for her..
Eversince i watched that show, which is about a month ago, she was always in the bottom three position..
Nevertheless, she kept trying to do her best in the stage..
And guess what..she's on the top..
I guess this is one of the good example for not giving up!!
Fighting for the right thing and with the right way hehehe..
Jadi mumbling ga jelas gini..
eniweii..gotta go to bed now...

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