a recent conversation with my friend over the phone..

ME: "I don't mean to judge your feeling, but do you think that this thing you've had for her is real?"
HIM: "What do you mean by that?"
ME: "Okay..why do you like her?"
HIM: "Well, let's see..I like her for her***** " (he provided me with a pretty long list)..
ME: "If suddenly some other girl came and could give you all the things you mentioned..or even more, will you also like her?"
HIM: *thinking for a while* "Maybe..."

--jump to another question yet still discussing the same girl with him--
ME: "Just my curiosity, why are you still going after her? Speaking as your friend and standing in my point of view, I think she's playing around with you. Everything you did for her was seemed to be wrong.."
HIM: "Yess, you're right..I can't seem to put the right things for her..but what can i do? She's really fit into my type of girl..It is rare to meet someone who can understand your thinking"

That was just a very small part of the conversation between us..
The question I've asked myself for these last couple of hours are:
~ Do we need reasons to fall in love with someone?
I've read it somewhere that the reasons why you love someone will be the same reasons why you decided to stop loving someone..
The analogy was like this..
"I like him because I think he's nice"
And so?
If he shows the other side of him that wasn't so nice, would you stop loving him?
"I love him because he makes me comfortable"
If there is someone else who can offer you that comfort..would you love him also?

I think love is just inexplicable..
No one knows where it came from..
It just came out of no where..
It beyonds our control..
so i personally believe that we shouldn't making reasons why we love someone..

You love your family just the way they are, right..
No matter how nice other people to you..still their place is irreplacable..
That's pure love...
Is there such thing as pure love in this world aside from that?
Who knows huh hahaha
I guess we'll just never know..

(Thanx to Mr. HIM, whose name will be kept secret)
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