Went to the cinema last nite with my parents to watch king kong..
It was great..Adrian Broody was hot..
Err..okay..I barely watched the movie hehe so there's no movie review from me this time;p
This is why...

Just before entering the cinema, all of the sudden i felt so cold..
I was thinking "okay..not a good sign"

Entering the theater, I was seated next to a boy..He's about 7-10 years old.
*it's 10.50pm already..and he's in the cinema?? With her mom sitting infront of him with his younger brother..unbelievable hehe*
I wasn't feeling any better..Instead I started having a terrible headache..
The worst part was I felt like throwing up..urrghhh

So there I was struggling not to throw up in front of everyone^^"
Couldn't bear with the cold and headache, I decided to sleep*lol*
I slouched myself and tried to find my comfort position;p
The last thing I remembered before I closed my eyes was the Kong fighting the dino..
The next thing I knew, the Kong was already in New York? hahahaha
I turnt my head to the left *to the boy* and he was looking back at me with the "you-slept-during-the-movie?" kinda look..
So embarassed, I managed to make myself stay awake for the rest of the movie, which was about 10-15 mins to end;p