There will be people around us who are upfront about our situation.
They will not tell us what we want to hear,
because they believe that we have to face the truth instead of running away or hiding from it.
They are those who use their logic more than their emotion when solving a problem.
They are the one that we probably hate at that particular moment.
Not because they did anything wrong,
but because they are trying to pull us out of our comfort zone and encourage us to immediately face the reality.
They will say "Reality sucks!! but still it's useless to hide"
We might avoid them for sometime, possibly because we're ashamed to have run away from reality; or
possibly because we feel intimidated by the fact that we don't know how to handle a certain situation and need other people to guide us.

And then there will be people who sympathetically listen to our endless "tragic" stories
and will say exactly what we want to hear..
They will say "It's gonna be okay", eventhough it's implausible to happen..
They will say "Everybody makes mistakes", to comfort us and letting us know that there are ups and downs in this life.
They know what we should do, yet they keep it to themselves
because they know what we need the most at that time is comfort..
They know that we're still not ready to face the truth.
They believe that when the time comes, we will be ready to fight;
and when we're taking too long, they will warn us about that.

I believe that those create a balance for us..
There are times when we just want to run away from our problems,
but there are times when the best choice is to directly face our problems..
Well..that's just a thought..hehe
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