The thing about me and my brother that can be quite bothering sometime is
the fact that people are comparing me and him..
You see, I went to the same kindergarden up until the same university..
And yet, we both landed in the same major..
Even more, these 2 semesters I ended up in the same class as him.

Everyone, even my relatives, has never stopped asking questions that to me sounded like:
"He's a finalist of Computer Olimpic, how about you? Are you as good as him?"
I can only reply with a smile and try not to think about that.
Okay, he's better than me in this computer stuff.
Everybody knows that..I don't need to be reminded of that over and over again..
And NO, I'm not jealous or what-so-ever..
I'm proud of him..I believe he's going to do really well in his future.
but for once, I just wish that people will back up and leave me alone..
Stop asking those kind of questions or trying to make a joke out of it.

At the surface it didn't bother me that much,
but deep down it really consumes me.
Maybe my decision to take my major wasn't the best decision I made,
but I'm here now..This is something I have to live with.
Deal with it people!!!
I'll prove to you that I can crawl myself out of his shadow.
That one day you won't acknowledge me as 'his sister',
but as me...Lisiani..

Some people are just bornt with that skill,
and some need to struggle to be able to stand in that position.
Some are just bornt smart, and some need to study to be smart
He's the one bornt smart, and I've been working so hard all along to keep up.

And now I'm in that point where I'm just tired of everything..
I'm tired of keep on increasing my pace, yet I can't keep up.
The best for me I think is to change my lane..
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