Le côut de la vie est il faut faire un choix.
The cost of living is to be able to make a choice.

Sometimes I feel exhausted of having to re-route my path.
2 months ago, job hunting..had an interview but that's all.
1 month ago, it was either China or Australia.
2 weeks ago, it is Australia..which means I'm gonna have to hunt for scholarships, attend numerous education expo, and earn a lot of money to support my living cost.
2 weeks ago, I got an offer to give a math tutor for primary school students. Since, I only have to teach after 4pm..I planned to help my mom market our product after my final exam.
2 days ago, I got a job offer from one of my lecturer as a System Analyst. Noup...no /Programmer at the back of the title.
Today, I had a meeting with my lecturer. From which I learned, that if I take the job:
- I will have to quit my France
*I cannot reschedule my France..Quitting is still not considered, since I've put so much effort all this time to start France*
- I will have to start next Monday
*Whilst, next Wednesday-Friday is scheduled for EJB make up class. And Saturday is final presentation. Not to mention, on 12 and 15 June are my final exams*
- I will work in Menteng
*Means I'm gonna have to go at 6 every morning hahaha*
- I have to quit teaching.

What will it be?
Still thinking..

Anyway, there's this band you all should check it out.
The band's name is Nidji
Kalo kata orang2 sich mirip kayak Coldplay gitu, tapi dunno..gue ga ngerasa mirip hahaha
Gue suka banget ama mereka sejak keluar single pertama nya "Child"

Tadi pagi mereka ada tuh di Putuss nya Prambors..
Dan gue iseng2 sms ke sana..
Ehhh dapet CD nya gratis hihi
Baru mau beli padahal..
Trus my bro komen : "Ahh gmana sich..kalo menank gitu2an mulu..Napa ga mobil, ipod, ato apa gitu"
Dan iya yach..dari dulu kenapa kalo ikutan yang hadiah gede ga pernah menank...urrghh..
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