This is a true event

Yesterday morning when I was on my way to the bus stop, a man approached me and said: "小姐,请问"
which if translated means "Excuse me miss, can I ask..."

I looked at him, and then saw this big map he's holding..
then I said "oohh no no..thank you"

As I was about to walk away, I saw this little note on the top of his map which at a glimpse read "Kaki Bukit Ave 1"

So I turnt back to him and ask "Are you looking for an address?"

With such an effort, he tried to speak in English..
And apparantely yes..he was trying to find his way to that address..
I then explained to him that he could take bus no 15 or take a cab if he's in hurry..

Fast forward to this morning

I decided to come earlier to the office today.
I arrived at the bus stop at 8.45am, and a bit surprised to see how crowded the bus stop was.
What even more suprising was..
I met that man again..
He was there standing and smiling at me..
"Hi..thank you for yesterday"
Being polite, I asked whether or not he managed to find his way yesterday.

him: "sorry about yesterday, you seemed to be afraid"
me: "oooo no..i'm the one who's supposed to say sorry. I thought you're a salesman trying to offer something"
him: *laughing* "ooo the map is it?"
me: "yes.."
him: "you're chinese?"
me: "my grandparents are chinese..but I don't really speak chinese.."
him: "you look like chinese..especially your hair"
--errr...I don't quite get this part, but then I just smile hahahaha--

When I first came here, I experienced the same thing as that person.
Dressed in a formal outfit (since I was going to interviews) while holding a map..
It's really hard to find someone who's willingly to stop for a while and listen to what I wanted to ask.
When I approached them..Before I even finished my sentence "Excuse me.."
They just walked away with 'that' look in their face..
I thought what's wrong with me? I tried to be as polite and as friendly as I could..

As I spend more and more time here, I'm a bit understand why people did what they did to me.
There're a lot of salesmen and people who's asking for donation and stuff like that..
They dressed in a formal outfit..
Usually holding a map with a pen..
They're equipped with an incredibly friendly smile on their face..
And once you got caught by them, it's rather hard to walk away;p

Well then, everything happens for a reason..right?
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4 Responses
  1. dee Says:

    Hello miss salesgirl :P

    If you meet with one of them just smack them down kekekeke.....

  2. ooo...begitu toh..lumayan buat nambah info...

  3. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    dee: huiii miss salesgirl haha sales manager napa;p

    boy: ;p iya itu warna warni kehidupan hhee

  4. dee Says:

    Hmm... I'm your manager right?? So you couldn't be the sales manager :P