I wake up this morning with these thoughts in my mind:
What if today was my last day on earth?
How would I spend today?
What are things that I've always wanted to do but I haven't done?
Will people miss me?
Will people still remember me long after I go?
How much have I contribute to this world?

The answers to those questions:
If today was my last day on earth..
I'd be one of those people who would feel all the regret of all the things I should have done but I haven't..

If today was my last day on earth..
I'd call my boyfriend asking him to come back to Jakarta right away
I'd cash out all my savings..
I'd take the earliest flight to Jakarta..Having lunch with my family and friends..
I'd give my savings to my family..pack up all my stuff *making sure my family knows what to do with all of them*
I'd try the wall climbing in PIM *the one I've always wanted to try*
I'd take a walk with my boyfriend at our favorite spot..
I'd go to my grandpa's urn deposit *i don't know the term in english hehehe itu lohh tempat penyimpanan abu*
I'd go to church and ask for Sacrament of Confession..
I'd say goodbye to the people I love..

There are so many things that I've always postponed or put aside with so many reasons or things that I've planned but never have a chance to do..
I no longer know where to start the list..
I've always wanted to:
see snow..
bungee jump..
go to Japan and France..
have a dog..
build my own family..
build a school..

Ahhh well..
That concludes everything..
I haven't optimized the way I live my life..
4 Responses
  1. dee Says:

    To live a life without any regret is not easy and I still have a lot of things and dreams I want to do. I think this post has a connection with your post about Heroes :p

    Personally I don't want to know when is my last day on earth hehe..

  2. knowing your last day is a privilege. not everybody knows his/her last day...

  3. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    dee: let's not waste any moment in our lives sebisa mungkin:D

    boy: yapp...i agree with you..

  4. Anonymous Says:

    it is fully selfish to giving money to family and stay with ur friend at last moment...........

    there are many thing to learn in this world, try to understand what is going on around u and try find out the purpose of life....

    try to collect the mistake u have done in ur life and learn to do it in correct way...

    atleast in last day u can feels ur mistake and say sorry to those..