I'm about to bake brownies hahaha
I read it somewhere that brownies are usually what novice bakers do..
Anyway..will come back later with the result..

*update @4.25pm*
The batter is in the oven right now..
How is it going to be? Hhmmmm..

*update @5.25pm*
It's edible..it's pretty nice i think;p hehehe
it doesn't look like that, but hahahaha well...

*updated @4.29pm 14 May 2007*
Apparantely, it is a mistake to put a salt *even only 1 gr* hihi
since..it didn't dissolve well ..
Some pieces of the brownies have a bit of salt in it hahahaha
so...pardon me for whoever who got those pieces..
I'll try to fix it next time hehehe
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3 Responses
  1. dee Says:

    Are you really sure that it's edible?? *grin*
    Khehehe... want some please :P

  2. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    bwahuahahaha edible koq edible...hhmmm ada sedikit garam yang ga dissolve hahahaa yang akhirnya berakhir di beberapa potong ada rasa2 asin dikit bwahuahahahahaha

  3. miracle Says:

    huahahahaha..... namanya juga belajar ya,cha ^^ brownies kukus yukk ^^