At the beginning of the long-distance relationship,
everything felt moving in a really slow motion..
Realizing that I still have one whole year ahead of me to go through only made it worse..
It wasn't easy to went through a day..
Even work at the office failed to distract my mind..

I can't remember when exactly it changed..
Somehow everything's starting to move in a fast pace..
Weeks passes by..Months changes..
Last time I remembered was New Year's eve celebration..
and now..already in the middle of 2007..ckckck

It's now another 4 months to go..
It's no longer feel like forever..
Plenty of things are coming up..
2 of my dear friends are visiting Spore at the end of this month..
The upcoming month, Vivi is coming here *yay...can't wait for this one*..
The following month, one of my friends here is getting married
August..I'm coming back to Jakarta *depends on my brother*
And then September will come..

Haix...icha ganbatte ne...
2 Responses
  1. Bahh, depend on me pula.
    Btw, do u know that Ayumi Hamasaki sang a song called "Depend On Me"? Haha =P

    Anyway, jgn dugem mulu yah bang

  2. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    alamak adikk..ya iyalah depends on you..
    tergantung kegigihan loe mendapatkan jadwal sidang yang bagus..
    senin yach bro..senin..
    jadi gue bisa balik jkt jumat malem..
    minta ijin hari senin n selasa hahaha trus balik sini selasa malem..'s all depend on youu weqqqq ayooo broo berusahaaa...

    *hushhhh* jangan bongkar2 rahasia napaaa...hahahaha ga koqq gue di sini kan anak baik2 as always..pulank kantor..langsung pulank *abis jalan2 dulu tentu nya hihihi*