My Mac OS in my Macbook crashed last month.
I was in the middle of updating the software and the OS when it suddenly prompting an error message: "Failed to update ****." --> cannot remember the exact message.

Then my mac just stalled like that..Couldn't do anything with it.
I decided to force shutdown my mac and try to reboot it.
To my surprise...
I COULDN'T boot into Mac OS..
It displayed an error of something related to the kernel..

I tried to boot into my installed Windows..and it worked.
Ok...not the hard-drive then..

I brought my mac to Apple Service Center in Wheelock Place and was assured that I could save my data in mac os by re-install the os and select the archive function..
Something that I later on could not do..
There is no such thing as archive function in the cd..
On the other hand..
It alert me that since the previous OS was newer than the one in the CD, all the existing data in that partition is going to be erased..

Well anyway, this morning I was preparing everything to re-install the OS..
While waiting for backing up my data in Windows, *for the first time* I tried to google "accessing mac partition from windows"..

I found a software that actually allow me to browse through my Mac Disk!!!!!
For those of you who doesn't know..
In a dual-OS mac (Mac OS and Windows), you can access Windows Disk from Mac OS..
but NOT the other way around..(Not until I found this software hehehehehe *evilish laugh*)

Soo...I installed the trial version of the software..

I clicked on "Explore Mac disks"..
And VOILA.....

When I opened "My Computer", I have the additional drive "Macintosh HD" there..
Yuppe yuppe..I can browse through my files and backup the whole things...

PS: The trial version will last only for 7-days..

Ah more to go..
My battery is not working..
Somehow it stopped working about 3 weeks ago..
The 1-year guarantee has expired..
A new battery costs US$127..
Huyuxx...will describe more in the next post..
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  1. dee Says:

    And the software name is.. ??