I didn't actually make any resolution for 2007..
In a way, 2007 just passed like that..
Leaving a lot of foot prints in my journey and a lot of marks in my heart.

There was a line in Before Sunset * : "Memory's a wonderful thing if you don't have to deal with the past"
I have to say that my memories of 2007 is still a wonderful thing despite the fact that it has passed..and I cannot go back to any of those moments..

Well anyway, some of the events during 2007 in my life:
Going back to Jakarta (October 2007)
This actually highlight another events which include:
- End of my 1-year-long-distance-relationship.
- Quitting my 1st job

My friend's are starting to get married
Lots lots of my friends are getting married..
Baru mulai berasa pas abis balik Jakarta, soalnya yaa baru dapet undangan pas di Jakarta ini dech hehe

My NEW job
Yuppe..I got an offer from one of the Big-4 company in Jakarta last December..
And I'm starting...TODAY!!!
Going to go through a 3-month-probation..so...wish me all the best:)

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