Only now that I can grasp the meaning behind the saying:
"If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money can't buy"

I was sick for almost 2 weeks..
For GOD knows why, my leukocytes level drop below normal.
It made me weak and cannot do anything except slept for the whole day.
I lost 2 kg within 1.5 weeks..

It all started with me having a drowsy feeling while heading to the office.
I didn't turn on the air-con in my car, and yet I felt so cold..
At first I thought I was having one of those painful-PMS..

I decided to turn my car and go home..
I called my office to inform them that I wasn't feeling well..
I slept until noon, and when I wake up..
I found myself having those dengue fever symptoms:
~ fever
~ nausea
~ severe headache
~ muscle and joint paints
~ terrible pain behind my eyes

Later that night, my doctor asked me to do a blood test first thing in the morning.
I did..and the result was a low level of leukocytes.
Mine is 2900, whereas I should have a minimum of 5000..
And there you go...bed rest for 1.5 weeks..

My first month working, and I'm already taking 8 days of sick leaves^^'

All I can think of when I was sick was:
I want to get better..I hate being sick..
Why didn't the medicine get me any better?
I'd do anything just to be healthy again..

And YES..
I am now more aware of my health..
Health, love, consciousness, family, friends..myself...those are some of the things that money CANNOT buy..

stay healthy all..
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3 Responses
  1. Devi Says:

    Oh pantes lama menghilang, ternyata sakit toh.. Sorry to hear that. Tapi skrg uda sembuh kan Cha? :) Anyway, pergi ke kantor? Ga jadi bisnis sendiri ya?

  2. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    :) hehe skr sudah sembuh dev..cuman dah ga tahan kena ac gitu dech^^'

    iya euyy..gue skr ngantor..pas dapet kerjaan yang menarik;p

    bisnis sendiri tetep pengen...tapi ya sambil cari modal dulu kali yach;p
    apa kabar dev?

  3. Devi Says:

    baik, uda mendingan. kmrn ini sempet kena hyperthyroid. hiks.. tapi uda jauh mendingan, meskipun dokternya blg bakal minum obat ampe 3-4 taon -_-