2008 was full of valuable and enriching experiences for me.
Lots of fun, joy and laugh shared a lot of people..
Lots of tears, but I had the support from my friends..
Lots of time I felt like giving up, but there were always people who held my hand..
Lots of lessons learned..about myself and my loved ones..
And for that, I thank all of you:)

Here's a recap of what's been happening in my life last year:
  1. Starting my new job at the beginning of the year
    btw, next Wednesday (7 Jan 2009) will mark my 1st year at the office;p
  2. Bought my first ever digital camera Canon SX100IS.
    And now I'm craving for an SLR *lol
  3. 1-week-trip to Singapore, where I attended one of my best friend's wedding
  4. Falling in love all over again with him..
    After surviving the lowest point in our relationship, I just fell in love all over again..
  5. Trip to Bangka-Belitung with my office.
    Such a beautiful place!!!!
  6. Getting promoted at the office:)
    I will try to do my best for upcoming jobs:D
Welcome 2009..
May this new year becomes the year of inspiration and the year of sharing:)

Happy new year to all of you:D
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4 Responses
  1. lars Says:

    good luck with the job!!

  2. dee Says:

    I'm craving for an SLR too :P

    Reviving your blog eh?? How are you anyway??

  3. You falled in love?That's very romantic ;)

  4. Cia ling Says: