I finally reached my limit yesterday..
I woke up in the morning with this sore throat and feeling so weak..
After took a bath, suddenly this headache came.
It just made me so sick that I could not even stand on my own without holding on to something^^"
I finally decided not to attend the class..
Anyway, I'm back to the normal mode hehe
Feeling so healthy..It feels so good:)
I just would like to thanx all of you who spent your time *and money* to message and made a phone call to ask my condition..
Really appreciate that^^

I'm sure all of us had our moment of being in the middle of something..
Ke kiri kanan juga salah..
It's one of the feeling that I don't like.
Especially when it concerns two people who I consider as my friend..
I just can't never find what it's better for me to do.
Should I just stay put..pretend that I know nothing?
I can't..can I?
Eventually I'll end up hurting one of them..or even worse, both of them.

For someone, if you read this,
I really didn't mean to hurt you..I can't blame you if you're angry with me.
I don't have any excuse for you..
Nothing could ever turn back the time and prevent me for repeating the same thing.
Well hope you can forgive me..
6 Responses
  1. Evan Says:

    aduh icha kasiannnn..... cepet sembuh yaa cha.... ^^

    and about "Somewhere in Between" just act neutral... your friends should know your position, and they're supposed to understand it... try it... ^^

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Icha da sembuh blon? Take a deep rest cha, you got a long weekend to recover.

    Anyways, see you on monday :) gak ada icha sepi

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Just stay where you are~ And in the end you'll control the situation

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