Otanyoubi Omedetou..Happy Birthday
Yippeee hehe today is a very happy day for my dearest dad and my cute friend, Lina..

Dear Dad,
It's been a long and tough year for all of us..
Glad that we've made it through hehe
I just simply want to wish you a happy birthday..
I know you haven't celebrate your b'day since uumm i don't know..since a long time ago for sure.
Well, maybe you just don't feel like doing it anymore *hehe i don't know:P*
I haven't been able to give you anything in return for what you've done for me.
*I know you don't expect any favor in return..*
but I just want to promise you one thing..
I'll never leave you and mom no matter what.
That's the least thing I can do right now:P
Anyway, happy b'day dad^^

~As written in the b'day card addressed to my dad^^~

Lina..I've known you for about 3 years now, right?
The first time I knew her was when we both were on the same bus on the way to the teambuilding.
*what a team building we had back then yach:P*
My first impression of her was cute, quite, introvert but still friendly somehow.
My impression now about her? Huahahah not much different from three years ago.
She's still the same girl who I talked to 3 years ago.
Except for the quite part^^"
She's not that quite anymore haha..Isenk nya skr dah menjadi2.
One of so many things that is so impressing about her is her ability to draw..
She's sooooo imaginative and creative *Do I spell it correctly:P*
Any of you still remember her 'family tree' assignment for CB3?
Hehe I adore your work Lin..
She really likes barang2 berbentuk piggie..Trus pucca juga dia lumayan deemen hehe
Mobil kesayangan diaa?? Errr itu lancer bukan toh ahha yaa itu dech mobil merah bernomor B 1368 EH *bener ga yach haha*
Denger2 sich dia sodara jauuh nya Schummy:P
Huaa yang lucu dari lina itu, dia ga gitu tau jalan^^"
Haha gue masih inget pas kita mo ke TA dulu..
Linaaa loves her sister so much hehe..
Dari cerita2 yang gue denger dari Lina, she's really different compare with her sister.
Lina is independent in someway..So far, she manage to enjoy her life and being a happy jomblo:D *Lin...icha tunggu kabar bahagia nya:P*
Anyway, I just drop by for now to say Happy B'DAY to you:):)
Some people say that another year means more responsibility for us.
Well, that's true in someway..but still, spare yourself a little to enjoy this life haha..*apa coba*
~As written in my testimonial for her written today:P~

Pyuhh here's the list of this week tasks:

Wednesday, 6 October 2004
Human Computer Assignment 2 (See milist for more detail:P)

Thursday, 7 October 2004
Compiler "Submitting a token table, keyword list, state diagram and scanner code or pseudo-coded"
ISPM 2nd Paper on "Selecting a Project"
ISPM 4th homework from book
Web Programming Homework "Creating a web based on the spec"

Gut luck everyone hehe..esp on the Compiler and the ISPM and the web..
Urrgg for everything:P

:::END OF PART 1:::
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