It is officially my count down to the very last second of the age 20.
I've been doing some thinking for the last one month about renewing my checklist..
You know..the list of "want to do things" for over a year..

It's getting harder and harder to accomplish what I wrote down in that list haha
This far, I've only managed to do one out of 9 things I wrote last year.
And that is : "Get over one of my ex-es" *LOL*
A pretty astonishing achievement for me, since it took me about 4 year to realize that he's no good for me *God bless me* haha

Satu hal yang bisa diambil hikmahnya selama ini :
Sometimes just wanting something is just not enough..
Semuanya butuh ketekunan, kesabaran, niat dan keteguhan hati tentunya.
Dan gue...tentunya kurang sekali tingkat dari hal2 di atas tadi.I'm a real dreamer you know..
SOmetimes I just wish upon a star for something to happen..*knock*knock* WAKE UP cha..

Soo my first goal for the next year is :
menumbuhkan semangat juang gue yang sudah lama hilank itu haha
Following that:

  • Succeed in the 2nd round of Visual Gaming and Web Development
  • Get a Job
  • Take a chinese course (this time is for real)
  • Throw a nice 25th anniversary for my parents
  • Guitar lessons
  • GRADUATE A.S.A.P *lol*
  • Go to China
  • Donate my blood for the very first time
  • Finish my short stories
  • Get myself a boyfriend? hahahhaa

(Di urutin dari goal jangka pendek sampe ke jangka palink panjang:p)

2 Responses
  1. Storyline Says:

    Happy bday lagi chaa :) mudah2an semua goalnya tercapai dari yang paling atas sampe yang paling bawah :) gw dukung teruss

  2. b3a Says:

    Ichaaaa, ultah yaaa kemaren?? WUADOHHHHHH gw blom nyelamatin ya kayanya huhuhuhu....

    hepi belated bday yahh hehe semoga wish list paling terakhir segera tercapaiii!!