an impulsive action
It is now almost the end of my mid exams.
3 more subjects to go for Monday to Wednesday..
*and here i am updating my blog with only one fully functional hand haha*

I realized that I needed a change in my life.
So yesterday when my friends asked me to play bowling with them,
I impulsively agreed *my mouth worked a lot faster than my brain haha*
And there it was, me playing bowling for the first time in my entire life

Result : my first ever strike, which happened on the last frame haha
and a really sore right-hand..
Is the ball really that hard? Is it me who haven't done a lot of sport? Or didn't i do the throwing correctly?
Well, it's not the second option for sure haha

Last message for today would be a shout out to some people:
Pujaaa... Jaa inet gue tadi dadakan down, maap yachh ga bisa ol dech jadi nya. Miss you so much nich ja. Sapa donk temen mencela gue skr hix hix Ja, find things to do donk. Jangan nge-game mulu..Masak nya juga jangan yang udah setengah jadi doank. Itu mah ga pure masak haha..Ntar pulankkk gue tagihh bikinin gue lasagna!!!!

Tommy...Tom, cia yoooo dl yang banyakkkkk haha kan akhirnya gue juga yang senank;p
Sering2 keluar rumah donk tom. Jangan ol muluu..Nikmati matahari melbourne haha

Vivi...Vi, you're without doubt the person who understand the most about me. You're always there for me with your honest opinions and thoughts. Don't know what I've done to deserve such a best friend like you. Keep on fighting on what you believe yach girl.

For all of you who are still fighting for something, if something are meant to be then it is meant to be. Don't give up fighting. It's the only way you could find out if it is meant to be for you...Cheers:)
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