Got a news this evening that my thesis defence will be on 14 February 2006..
Put a bold and italic there to emphasize that:
2. I have NO IDEA whether it's gonna be a great relieve for me that day, or it's gonna be a total disaster
3. Why ohhh Why..should my defence fall on an already-famous-day

Haha ok ok..let me enlighten you all..
Valentine's day..big deal..
Let me think...well it's actually quite a big deal for me hahaha
I know that you shouldn't treat people special only for that one particular day..
you know what...i think i should make a different post for this issue hahaha

so...moving on to the second topic.
Last week, we *me and my team* were informed that the thesis defence will be around 20-25 Feb 2006..
So, we kinda loosen up a bit and took some rest..
And then *baammm* today the university people told my friend that my team will present the thesis on 14 Feb 2006.
From four thesis teams that are scheduled to attend the thesis defence, my group...I repeat..
my group!!!!! will be the FIRST team..
I absolutely don't know what to expect..
Rumour says that the examiner team will be tougher this time..
I can only pray that everything will be okay,
that they will not make me speechless...
And perhaps an 'A' ??;p

My last topic for today..
I hate it when something important happens on a day when other thing(s) has already made that day special.
Example: having my anniversary on the same day as my b'day..
or having my first car on the same day as my first break-up day..
Things like that hahaha
Well quite simple reason.. I want to have as many celebration as possible in my life.
No matter how simple something is, I like to keep them in my mind hehe
whether it is the day when i first met someone, or the day when i had my first kiss..Things like that..
And now..
I'm having my thesis defence on the same day as Valentine's day..
Lessen my holiday hahaha

holi-day/'hαlədeΙ; AmE/noun, verb
noun a time for one to lighten up and celebrate the milestones in one's life
verb [v] to spend a holiday somewhere
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