I was applying a job online this morning to an International bank in Jakarta.
Found the ad yesterday on the newspaper, and decided that I should really start applying for job hehe
The whole process was done online..
There were this pile of questions (all multiple choices) that I'm guessing was provided to get to know the applicant's personality..
It didn't take long for me to realize that I wasn't suited for that job.

Hahaha I was just trying to be practical..
Who am I kidding here..;p
The questions, well they were more to statements, were something like:
Which are you most likely to do?
a ask a lot of question possible
b getting things done according to my assumption

While answering those questions, I tried to imagine myself being in an office 9-to-5, dealing with repetitive situation 5 days a week, stuff like that..
And my heart resist..

I'm not a person who already knew what I was gonna be..or a person who already living what I used to dream..
You know..the-I've always known that I was gonna be a lawyer-person..
No no..I wasn't like that.
Throughout my life, I've made several changes..

At first I wanted to be a lawyer:
Later on I realized I couldn't stand the dirty politic behind it
Then I wanted to be teacher:
but then everybody kept on discouraging me by saying that I couldn't make money out of it
Switching again to astronout:
people laughed on me for this one
Later on I dreamt of becoming a writer:
no one in my family agree
And the list will go on..
Being little and still wandering who I was inside, who else to believe if wasn't my surrounding?

I guess that what drives me to become who I am now..
A restless soul trying to figure out what does she want to do for the rest of her life
I've always enjoyed teaching..I've tutored couple of times, becoming a teaching assistant..
I've mentioned this to someone: I want to have my own school..
Education is important..It shouldn't be that expensive..If so, where is the theme that saying education for all??
but then, I sure need a lot of cash to bring this dream alive..
Where will I have those money??
Hahaha that is the one question I should really answer!!!
Who will I be?
A programmer? A business-woman? A secretary??
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