I was browsing through the old SMSes that I still keep in my inbox..
The oldest msg in my folder is dated: 05/05/2005 at 9.38pm..
Almost 2 years old..

I find it hard to erase the messages in my inbox..
*Right now I have 970 messages in my inbox..and 200 in another folder in which I saved all funny/inspiring/lovely messages*

I'm the type of person who sometimes is too attached to memories..to the past.
Back in Jakarta, I have this one box filled with all bday cards, xmas cards, letters, post cards, movie tickets, prompt ticket, and other memorable stuff that I received from people I know..
I even still have the receipt of my first payment for the university,
my EBTANAS** card, all my examination cards during university, the receipt from my first date with him;p and other unthinkable stuff that I still have hahaha

Well, anyway..one of the messages in my folder is as following..It's such a nice message ..
I don't regret the things I've done and the things I didn't do. For somewhere along the way, I must have done something right and ended up with a great friend like you

**EBTANAS is a final exam for senior highschool student before he/she could continue to the university..
3 Responses

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have a same weird hobby like you then :P Hehehe.. Sometime it's just feel nice just to look at those past things. But I sometime regret that I am too attached to the past, too long living in the past. But anyway it's a nice SMS there.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    saya juga lengkap tuh gitu"an di kamar... walaupun tidak daku taro di satu box khusus... tapi scaterred up all over my room, jadi kadang" kalo lagi nyari" sesuatu, ketemu.. eh jadi inget sesuatu.. hehehe