Sorry I haven't updated this blog for so long hehe..
There was an Orientation Days in my campus from 11-14 August.
For three days in a row, I had to get up at 4am...
It was really tiring, but lots of fun hehe..
Well, I'm not going to talk about the O'days hehe.. but I think this post is gonna be a long one:P

Yesterday I went to the cinema with my old pals..
Me and my 2 friends watched 'The Village', while the others watched 'Dirty Dancing'
The Village, a mystery movie that keeps me wondering what the mystery is hehe.Confused? So do I:P
The story runs pretty slow..Almost half of the movie was the introduction that I thought was really nice.
It makes us involved with the emotion of the characters.
I can't tell you much about this movie without being a spoiler hehe..
The point that I'm trying to say is, you won't be able to guess the mystery that lies in the movie until almost the end of the movie..
The ending itself was really fast..
I didn't expect it to end so soon hehe..
I thought the story would still go on for like another 10 or 15 minutes,but then I saw this guy started to open the exit door..
And I was like "What? This is it??"Hehe..overall, the movie is okay..

I can't believe it..My dad also watch the Indonesian Idol hehe..He adores Helena and Joy:P hehe..and doesn't think Delon eligible to be the winner.Yippe, Go Daddy.. hehe..What's happening in Indonesian Idol?I mean..c'mon. Do you think Helena deserved to be voted out?I really don't think so..Her performance was really cool, not as cool as Joy though:P

These past few days, I've been given a chance to taste the other part of this world.
How there are other ways of living life..
How I can feel insecure..
And most of all, how I know what it's like to not feel belong to something.
All of those make me grateful for I've been blessed to have my friends..
Friends who brings out the best of me..
Who will stand by me when my worst come..
And most important, friends who make me feel that I'm loved..

I had this conversation with one of my friend the other day..
We were talking about how we regret some choices we've we wish to return to the past..
And this bring us to a long discussion about how to make a good choice..
Each second in this life is about making choices..
From the minute we wake up in the morning, we're faced with choices..
Are we going to get up now, or turn off the alarm and go back to another '5-minute-sleep' or other things?
And it go on and on and on...
It's always been like that..and always will be.
Who we are now, what we've become or who we will be..
All of those are the outcome of our past actions and choices we've made.
Everyone sure have something they wish to change.
Wishing they had taken different roads, saying different words, write different answers in the final, make a bet on different team..etc..etc
Where will we be then? Who will we be? Will we be who we are now? Will we know our best friend? Will we befriend with our enemy?
*What a heavy and endless conversation:P*

Then we both realize..There is no such thing as a perfect choice.
There will always be a trade off for the choices we make.
And the fact is..we need to feel the regret sometimes.
Why? Well, what's the point of having everything so perfect?
We won't have anything else to hope for then, will we?
Three things we need in this life: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for...

I just got home 10 minutes ago..
I went to a dinner with my pals hehe..
We went to Yuraku Buffet in Gading.
It was really crowded in there. We had to wait about 10 minutes to be seated.
There were 11 of us, and we sat in 2 table.
The food was okay..There are teppanyaki, thai suki, spaghetti, dim sum, sushi roll, yaki tori, and desert..
Rp. 60.000,- per person (Do I sound like I'm promoting the place haha..)

I really miss my highschool time..
Being with my old friends really is comforting..
Maybe it's due to the fact that they knew almost half of the story of my life.(
Ga ada lagi dech jaim2 ama dia orang haha..)

Kakek, happy b'day:):)
Now that you're 20, I wish you wisdom..
I pray for your happiness, may your path leads you to a happy ending.
I pray for your sorrow, may there will always be a smile waiting for you when the tears run dry..
Most of all, I pray that Lord will always lead you to a faith..
A faith that one day, if you try hard enough, your dreams will come true..
That you will find who you are, and the reason why Lord has choosen you to be part of this world..
Happy b'day Widianto:)
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