"Listen to what your heart tells you.."
That probably is what we hear when asking other people for advice..
I personally usually say that just to assure other that no matter what I say, in the end it's their decision to make.
Well, okay..I think I've said that line quite often:P
I do realize, how hard it is to actually live with that..
I mean,
How do we know what my heart tells us?
Some might say that sometimes, just sometimes, our conscience just doesn't make any sense..but it is indeed the right choice to be made.

To be honest with you, I'm not the type of person who can easily make decision.
Most of it because I'm afraid to make mistakes..
*Who on earth won't make mistake, right hehe*
So, instead of just following what my heart tells me..
I'm usually blown away with lots of stuff.
like "What if that's not the right thing to do?"; "I don't think that make any sense"; "What should I do?"..etc..
Hueee macem2 hal berkecamuk dalam benak gue hehe..
Dan macem2 hal itu biasanya bertentangan satu sama lain.
Doesn't help at all yach:P
Yaa bisa dibilank kadang2 gue sedikit plin-plan kali yach hehe

My point here is,
Is it possible that our conscious is wrong?
If it's not possible, then how to assure that we're following our consious..not our emotional intuition?
Perbedaan yang kecil tapi cukup bermakna:P
*Oh my..what am I talking here.. Starting to talk without direction :P*

There comes a time when you must stand alone.
You must feel confident enough within yourself to follow your own dreams.
You must be willing to make sacrifices.
You must be capable of changing and rearranging your priorities so that your final goal can be achieved.
Sometimes, familiarity and comfort need to be challenged.
There are times when you must take a few extra chances and create your own realities.
Be strong enough to at least try to make your life better.
Be confident enough that you won't settle for a compromise just to get by.
Appreciate yourself by allowing yourself the opportunities to grow, develop, and find your true sense of purpose in this life.
Don't stand in someone else's shadow when it's your sunlight that should lead the way.

e.COM 2004
Tomorrow is almost the D-days hehe..
There's going to be a technical meeting for Story Telling in my campus tomorrow.
What actually e.COM 2004 is?
Hhmm how should I explain diz..
It's an annual English Competition, held by BiNus IUP University, that will take place on 1-4 September 2004.
We're going to have Debate, News Casting, Scrabble, Spelling Bee and Story Telling for this year's e.COM.
The closing ceremony will take place in STC Senayan:)
Apart from the award giving, We will have performances by bands and BiNus IUP's Modern Dance.
Should any of you interested to come to e.COM..
You can come to :
Joseph Wibowo Center
Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6
Kebayoran Baru
(Beside Universitas Mustopo)

I love this song for no particular reason hehe..
Lagu nya Tara McLean enak2 koq hehe..Ada yang judul nya 'Settling', itu mellow banget hehe..
macem2 dech hehe..

Tara McLean : If I Fall
It seems so far to go, It took so long to get here
Now I’m saying things I swore I’d never say
And I’m afraid again

I thought I had it in me, I used to be so sure
There I was stronger than ever
And here I am blaming the hurt

And if I fall, I will find a way back to my hands
I’m the only one who can help me find my feet again

Sweet little fighter. Sweet little scar
Sweet little fire. In my heart

It seems so easy now, everything I dreamed about when I was a child
It looks like a good thing’s here and I think I’ll stay for a while

And if I fall, I will find a way back to my hands
I’m the only one who can help me find my feet again

You came in screaming
And never stopped to listen to your one and only prayer
A place for you somewhere
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    Sweet little fighter. Sweet little scar
    Sweet little fire. In my heart


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