Some of you might have already known how I love my highschool.
I went to Tarakanita 2 High School in Pluit.'s not a homogen school:P hehe..We do have boys in our school.
*If you went to Tarakanita 1, then you will meet all girl students hehe..*

What I miss from my highschool?
Hmm let's see..
I miss the time when I had to run to the gate and 'beg' the security guy to let me in..
I miss how I managed to still time to play volleyball, even when I still had a lesson in class:P
I miss the break time, when we all rushed to the gate and crowding Asius's place, bakmi Ibu, robak Eddie, Hasan's place, batagor, telor-guy, hamburger, dkk dk..
I miss the hall; the place when we usually ate our lunch or just have a talk..*istilahnya, tempat ngetem nya anak2 TarQ hehe*
I miss the rush before volleyball game..
I miss the classes, with the old-ceiling-fan that ready to fall in anytime:P, the dusty blackboard and window, the desk where we usually kept our stuff..
I even miss the small-dirty-stinky toilet hehe..
I miss my highschool a lot..


Owalah..what a strange movie:P
I think it's supposed to be an action movie, but me and many others laughed a lot during the movie..
There were a lot of part in the movie that just didn't make any sense hehe..
For example, how Zang Yiyi suddenly recovered from the wounds..things like that hehe.
*try not to be a spoiler:P*

However, the scenes were very beautiful and the fighting scene was also great..
Overall, Hhhmmm not really my type of movie:P

Silly thing happened to me just before I watched the movie..
Because some miscommunication, me and my friend ended up with 4 extra tickets hehe..
Thus we stand near the locket and ask people around whether they want to watch teather 5 or not:P
Oh my..what a silly thing..

Oh my, I think I hurt my hip..
Hehe thanx to Felix, Agus 'n Ko BS who faithfully accompany me playing fuzball for about 2 hours *nonstop* ada kerjaan banget ga sich..
Selesai rapat, mestinya langsung ini malah ngetem di lobi kampus, maen fuzball hehe..

Okay..another movie review *Pyuhh do I started to sound like movie freak:P*
'Jersey Girl' is a drama, staring Ben Affleck, J-Lo and ....
Just another ordinary love-drama movie for me.
The message in the movie was quite touching though..
"Sometimes you have to forget about who you thought you were, accept who you are and acknowledge what makes you happy"

Do you still remember how we used to dream of what we want to be when we grow up?
I'm the type of person who got influenced easily..
I wanted to be an astronout, then I wanted to be a teacher..then again I wanted to be a sportwoman..and it goes on and on and on..
I've never stopped dreaming..Not even now.
I guess that's what keeps me going to be become a better person.
You know what..
When I set my goals, I actually can see how I fit the whole idea of what I want to become..

but hey..I'm not living one of my childhood dreams.
Maybe I haven't tried hard enough, or maybe I'd never thought to actually pursue them..
Maybe I'm just a dreamer:P
At somepoint, I wonder what would happen if I try hard to pursue my dream..
but I can't change what I've done, right..
And guess what!!
That doesn't make me an un-happy person.
I'm happy with what I am now..happy with what I'm doing and I can't wait to see what I will become.
Eventually I keep those "wannabe"-dream inside me.
I found what I actually love, and I'm working on it.

If we think about it,
How many of us who eventually living that dream, or at least on our way to live that dream?
I obviously not one of 'them' hehe..

I want to clear something here..
Hehe on the previous posts I used the GMT alias waktu Jkt - 7 jam hehe..
Nahh starting on this post, I change the time into Jakarta mode hehe..
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