Pyuhh..This is one of my happiest weekend so far hehe..
I finally able to go out with my high school friends..
*Kembali merasa jadi anak sma* huahaha..
Ririn Aw Kiki Udy..See ya all on Wednesday hehe..


As I surfed the internet last night, I came through this web that has a lot of funny facts about things surrounding us. Things that most of us haven't paid attention to for it is sometimes unnoticeable hehe..
Why on earth do I interested in stuff like this?
Well, somehow it makes me realize that there are other things exist outside my world..

Just a glimpse of the contain of the web.. you know that?
Bats will always turn left when exiting a cave.
The copyright to the Happy Birthday song is owned by Warner Chappell.
The ZIP code means Zoning Improvement Plan.
There is a town in Arizona called Monkey's Eyebrow, one in Arkansas called Toad Suck aswell as a Montana town called Hungry Horse.
The city of Timbuktu does exist - located in northern Mali.
The word 'God' appears in the bible 3,358 times.
111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321


I just got back from the cinema watching I, Robot..
I wasn't expected it to be that good hehe..:P
Well, the film was okay..
Will Smith di sono koq kekar banget yach?^^'

Just a little history behind "I, Robot"...
It is based on Isaac Asimov's work, with some modification of course hehe
The book itself is a collection of his first short stories ever published..
The funny fact about the book is that the Isaac Asimov couldn't find the right title for the book.
Eventually, the title was given by the publisher of the book..

As you can see from the title "I, Robot"..The basic idea of the movie is how people react to the idea of human and robot living together with normal situation..
Although the special effect was really nice..The ending was kinda confusing for me hehe..You should check the movie yourself I think:P


Anyway, did any of you watch Ally McBeal last Thursday?
It was really different and..touching in some part..
Last episode was about this woman who has a double personality *if i might call it*..
The real her, named Helen, is a very vulnerable person and a loving wife..She doesn't have any social life, she doesn't work, she love art and can draw like a true artist..
And there's this other part of her self, named Helena, who is a very strong yet independent woman who believes that she doesn't need his husband.
Somehow, Helena become more dominant and has taken over Helen for the last years..
Helena wants to divorce the husband..
Well the story goes on and on in the courtroom..
With Ally and John as the representative of Helen and her husband..
And uum this guy *whose name I forgot:P* and Lisa as the representative of Helena..

What becomes the basic question in the end was...
What is it that define a person?
Is it things that he/she believes in?
Or is it his/her soul?
Doesn't people change, given the time and the stimulation from the environment?

How about this..
When someone ask you "Who are you?"
How would you answer that?
Have we known ourselves good enough?

I guess that will leave us with another uncertain yet unargueable answers:P
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