Today I learn a very valuable lesson..
I learn that trusting someone could means getting hurt so badly..
I've never known that it could hurt me so much..Not until now..
What hurt me the most is the fact that, this person happens to be someone whom I trust so much..
What exactly happened? Uum..let's just say that I didn't expect this person to do things that I really didn't want him/her to do..
I totally disappointed by this person..*God knows who I'm talking about*
but I can't just stop trusting people, can I?
Being hurt by others is something that naturally happens..This I know..
but it still hurts so much, even if I've had prepared for such a condition to happen..

I bought two Charles Dicken's book, "David Copperfield" and "Oliver Twist" yesterday..
Why did I bought it?
Hehe..They're cheap..I mean really cheap..
They're both written in English, labelled as "Printline Classic" *Whatever that means:P* and only cost me Rp. 35.400,-
See..that's cheap, right?
I haven't read the books yet, but I did read some synopsis..and I believe the books are great..
You should check them out by yourself in Gramedia
*Wah..another commercial break here hehe*

Anyway, I got this annoying itch since yesterday..
I went to my highschool to meet my friend, and when I got home..my hands, feet and my back were so itchy..
Oh my..what's happening to me:(

I just figured out that the 'comment' part in my blog is broken somehow..
Anyone can help me:P? hehe..

"There's this person that you want to be for other people. TO make them happy. To make them proud of you. And then there's yourself. And sometimes it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. DOes that make any sense?"
-Dawson Creek's Episode 313 "NORTHERN LIGHTS"-

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