I haven't been this tired since my last network paper assignment... Could it be that I've stayed inactive for so long? Hehe this holiday sometime is killing me...Uurgg not because that I have nothing to do nor a lot to do. It's more to the search of myself..of what I want to be and where I'm gonna stand 5 years from now. Those thoughts never strikes really bad to me, well not until now.

Happy b'lated b'day to Raymond "Cecep" hehe..Wish you all the good things in this world.

Today...The O.C is back on TV hehe. I loooovvvveee this show..Make sure you check it out.


A few days ago, I listen to Plus FM.
*COMMERCIAL BREAK: For those of you who haven't know about Plus FM. Check it out on 103.3 FM. Hehe to my notice, the frequency will be distracted by trees. What's the relations? You're asking a wrong person hehe..*
The topic for that day was "Which jobs do you or will you do: the one that makes a lot of money but doesn't really the choice of your heart, or the one that you really really like but doesn't bring you a lot of money". I'm sure different people will have different answer to that.

As I was listening to the people who called in, *most of them are men* I struck in a moment and realize what kind of burden that a man cary...Almost all men who called that day said that they have to do works that they don't really like just to be able to fulfill his needs and his family's need..
Be grateful for those who able to find his path in doing things that he really wants to do:P

I've talked about this topic with my friends a long time ago, but I'd never really understand how hard it is until that day when I listen to the people who currently under employment..


Being a computer science student and a girl sometimes is very difficult. With all the look from all kind of people who judge me as a girl who took the wrong major..I mean, I love the things that I've got from the classess and all the experience I've had. Well maybe it's not enough in this real world huh :P huahaha..Never mind *kog jadi curhat gini hihi*

We can learn a lot from our mistakes, but we can also learn from the thigs we do right...

That's all from me now..Don't forget to watch THE O.C on TV7 @11pm hehe..
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