I just bought myself a cooking book,
and 2 cassettes hehe..
Usher's confession and Jamie Cullum's Twenty Something..
Why cooking book?
As many of you have already known, I'm not a cooking type of girl hehe..
Just wanted to try something new hehe..Who knows I can open a restaurant one day?
*Guess not hehe..*


Something just came across my mind..
Isn't if funny, how you bumped into another person in a mall..
Feeling familiar with the face..
Then he waved and smiled at you..
And...you don't remember anything else about him, except that feeling that you know this person..
I just met this person about an hour ago in mega mall..
As I looked at him, I get this feeling that I know him..I definetily do..
He wave at me, and come to me..
We have not so long conversation, but until now I can not recal anything about him..
Not even his name...Only knew that he's also from Tarakanita 2..
I'm sure most of you have almost the same experience as me..

Another thing that I have in my is..
Has it happened to you?
Having a feeling that you know people around you, but then it turns out that you don't know anything about them..

I've known a person for like what..uumm 3 years
And yet, I haven't had a chance to really know her..
The other night I was chatting with her, and I found out that she has so many things in common with me.
Maybe it was me who never really give a chance for her to know me better.
Or maybe it was me who never really try to get to know her better..
I guess we'll never get to know each and everyone around us if we don't work it out ourselves huh..


There's this movie that I personally think worth watching..
I watched Seabiscuit last night.
Oh my..it was great..I mean, bagussss banget banget banget.
(Not in term of Spiderman, LOTR, Troy or other movies like that..)
There's something inspiring in it. A struggling that I think is beautifuuly scened by ...
I was really touched by that movie..
The scenes, the way the characters interact with each other, the music..huaa semuanya dech..two thums up for that..
One thing bother me during the whole film though..
"koq spiderman nyasar di sini" huaaa is it just me or it's true that Peter Parker's character dah melekat banget di Tobby Mcquire.

However, gue ga menyarankan buat yang ga demen film drama buat nonton nich film hehe..
The duration of the film is 212 minutes, and di awal2 film alur ceritanya lambat banget jadi dikit ngebosenin.
There is no action nor romance in this movie, so don't expect to see one hehe..
Do you remember The Pianist?
If you think the film was dreadful, I don't think you should watch this one..
If you think the film was OK, then you can bear the 212 minutes in the theater..
If you think the film was great, then this one will also satisfy you
But in the end, hey people has different taste right hehe:P
What good for me doesn't always good for everyone hehe..

Some quote from that movies:

"They called it 'relief'
but it was a lot more than that.
It had dozens of names.
N.R.A, W.P.A, the C.C.C..
but it really come down to just one thing.
For the first time in a long time, someone care..
For the first time in a long time, you were no longer alone"

[Reporter] What do you think finally turn this horse around?
[Charles] Well, I think we just gave him a chance. Sometimes all somebody needs is a second chance.

[Charles] Everybody loses a couple. And you either pack up and you go home, or you keep fighting

"The failure is the man who stays down when he falls"
-David Dunbar Buick-


Anita and Mentari
3 August 2004
Wishing you both a guidance that will light up your way to happiness^^

Ko Bek alias Ko Fuhin
(My used-to-be math tutor)
4 August 2004
Moga2 cepet dapet jodoh:P
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