book list for the new semester...

just here to inform all of you, that the book list is now available in the student service hehe..
For computer science batch 2006, the book will cost us Rp. 925.000,-^^"..
You guyz want to buy all of them? Naah..I'm not really sure about that hehe..
The "Core Web Programming" book is so thick..It's the one in the library I think..
Well, i'll give the detail information tonight hehe..

I just finished 'teaching' the new student in the lab...
It's fun hehe..though Bule is very late.
Anyway, I gotta go for now..
Sorry again for not writing for so long hehe..
I'll write again tonight hehe..
I'm going to MangDu now..
See yaa...
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  1. b14ck_m4ge Says:

    Loe yah, jadi asdos buat anak2 baru. WAhahhaha, pasti tujuannya gak bener tuh buat cari daon muda. icha, ternyata loe dah gak se-innocent dulu yah. hehehheh.

    Icha kan dah T, jadi kalo beli buku yang banyak juga gpp. Lagian kan kalo beli buku loe juga tambah pinter. Itung2 investasi. Kalo gw sih males beli buku. Whahahahha