am i gonna be drowned in tears?
hopefully not..

I'm going to go to the airport with my boyfriend and his family.
He's going to Japan for *at least* a year..
I've promised to try not to cry..

We'll see..
5 Responses
  1. dee Says:
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  2. dee Says:

    Yes, you will be fine. When there is meeting there will be parting. And you will meet him again someday in the future.

    So just cry if you want to cry and be strong sis...

  3. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    dee: thanx dee:) turnt out I was ok..Hehe at least gue ga menitikkan air mata di depan dia n keluarga nya;p

  4. maxim84 Says:

    aih icha.. kenapa dikau begitu mellow.. daku jadi ikut sedih ngeliatnya cha..

    jiayou chaa!! harus tetap semangat!

  5. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    den: ;p icha bersemangat koqqqqqq:) lagi menyibukkan diri nich hihi biar waktu berlalu nya tanpa dsadari;p