Yesterday was "the day."
The day I was being introduced to his family..
The day he left Indonesia for at least a year..
The day I started to count the days left until I can see him again..

Love comes in a very unexpected way.
I remember saying to one of my friend that I wasn't going to have any relationship for quite sometime in the future.
I felt like I had lost the capability of loving someone..
but then came the unexpected..

I was attracted to him the very first time I met him.
He called me, we became close..
I learnt the fact that he's gonna pursue his master degree for a year abroad.
I realized that I'm in love with him..
I'm grateful that it's not just a one-way-feeling:)
And here I am..smiling..looking back at the journey that I've been through with him..Hoping for the best in the future..and for sure..missing him so much..

Anyway, I'm going to Indocomtech with my brother..
Can't wait what to see there hahaha who knows I can find some amazing bargain there..
have a nice weekend everyone:)
10 Responses
  1. Devi Says:

    duh icha, gpp deh, gw juga LD kok ama ari, berasa single.. LOL *sst2..diem2 yaaa wakakaka*

    sabar2 ya say ;)

  2. maxim84 Says:

    wah jangan sedih cha.. oke oke cha? ^^;;

  3. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    devi: hehe yuppe gue tentu nya bersabar:D

    den: thanxx denn hehe biasa kali yach..awal2 yang berat banget..

  4. irine Says:

    If you can go thru a ld relationship, you can go through anything. It's the ultimate test!
    Cia yooooo Ichaaaa

  5. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    thanx irine:) hehe btw how's our yearbook hehe duit nya harus gue serahkan ke sapa toh yach rin...

  6. cokyday Says:

    don't sad baby....!!!

  7. dee Says:

    Let's hope that everything will be all right.

  8. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    coky: dah ga gitu sedih koq cok:) thanxxx yachhhhh..

    dee: AMINN:D

  9. Anonymous Says:

    sabar ya chaaa....
    everything happens for a reason kkk? you will be fine...just keep faith in your love

  10. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    thanxx yachh buat semua dukungan nyaa..
    yuppe..everything happens for a reason:)
    btw sapa toh yach ini..