Year 1:
Desperately missing my old life "dibaca: teman2 lama ku, the secure feeling I've had since I was a child."
I grew up in the same environment for almost 10 years. Hanging around with the same people, not realizing that there is the "other world" out there.

Year 2:
I learnt that everything might seem beautiful, but apparently sometimes it only looks beautiful on the surface *if you know what i mean*. I started to realize that soon I would be on my own, thinking about my future job, enjoying every single minute I had.

Year 3:
I learnt to tell who are the real people..and who are just there to enjoy that particular moment.

Year 4:
Minimum level of tolerance; in a sense that I became more aware of people who were taking advantages from others. I learnt that it took a lot of energy to stand up and to confront those who *if I may say* are "experts" in being a "parasit". Why? Coz they always have a lot of reasons for everything.

Nevertheless, gue ngerasa 4 taon ini berharga banget..
Seperti kata orang2:
This life is a never-stop-learning process.
It shapes me to become who I am now..It is full of surprises.
A big hug to everyone in Bina Nusantara International University, especially CS 2006 students.
Acara perpisahan jadi ke mana nich:D
7 Responses
  1. Devi Says:

    wah, uda kelar ya? asik bener..*ngiri*
    makan2 donk cha :D

  2. dee Says:

    Huehuehue... akhirnya ter-update juga nih setelah hampir satu minggu. Wah.. dah beres ya?? Selamat deh... Gue sih ga mo cepet-cepet lulus, masih betah sama kampus. Tapi kalo ga cepet-cepet lulus bisa kena marah orang tua juga :p

  3. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    devi: tunggu gue wisuda dulu yach dev;p hehe

    dee: iya hehe thanx to dd gue yang akhirnya ngelepas kompie dari tangan dia hahaha betah sama kampus..gue juga masih iya benernya. Tapi kalo gue tetep di kampus, lulus bareng dd gue hahaha btw kapan balik bandung dee?

  4. dee Says:

    Ga rela ya lulus bareng dd lo?? Hehe.. rencananya balik ke Bandung 12 Agustus.

  5. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    Hehe yaa lumayan;p wahhh bentar lagi donk dee..welcome back di pulau Jawa:)

  6. dee Says:

    Hehe yaa lumayan;p wahhh bentar lagi donk dee.. welcome back di pulau Jawa:)

    Wahaha... baliknya masih 2 minggu lagi mbak :p

    Yup bentar lagi. Udah kangen sama Bandung, rumah, dan masakan mami, tapi masih pengen di Bali juga.

  7. -LiSiaNi- Says:

    Hehe iya maksud nya welcome back to Jawa *soon* ;p